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  1. swik

    swik New Member

    Hey all...

    I am PYNQ4Q

    Great to be a part of this massive cartel.

    I found about 4 that didn't work but the rest were fine!

    I think if you post you should add everyone, not just a couple!

  2. jipo

    jipo Member

    Storm8 ID : jipo
  3. swik

    swik New Member

    JIPO!!!!!!!!! Me and you keep fighting each other! I am dwik on there! I will add you! We need to work together! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    I am probably the reason you came looking for a bigger crew!
  4. swik

    swik New Member

    Not long enough a code dude!
  5. poorboymike

    poorboymike New Member

    Hourly Player, level 107....

  6. darthlinux

    darthlinux Well-Known Member

    Add me KPVP8R

  7. j.eaton80

    j.eaton80 Member

    Daily player add me guarantee accept 9ACAVB
  8. abkf3x

    abkf3x New Member

    Please add me! Thanks!

  9. nascarkris

    nascarkris New Member

    add me plz J8KP7J will add anyone who. ask
  10. stangman10

    stangman10 New Member

    Please add me my mobsters code is N2VDNH
  11. TRO4EUS1

    TRO4EUS1 New Member

    Add me aq66ft
  12. Sonal

    Sonal New Member

    My mob code is X3HH4G add me please! I accept everyone :)
  13. Cobra5

    Cobra5 Well-Known Member

    Need mobsters...

  14. JDuc

    JDuc Well-Known Member


    New phone means a new code...unfortunately...

    I accept all invites and will try and make my way back through this list again.
  15. GrandeMusic

    GrandeMusic New Member

    I just added a bunch of you guys. (grandemusic)

    please return the favor HQYMES
  16. tcb420

    tcb420 New Member

    daily player

  17. moyik420

    moyik420 New Member

    add me pk6wwh
  18. spookypr

    spookypr New Member

  19. Hoots

    Hoots New Member

    add me 2fqyxb
    also vampires live id: p5d6w9
    racing live id: fkxqbw
    ninjas live id: arjrw
  20. chtvuli

    chtvuli New Member

    7RNT2S. On hourly.
  21. lenard91

    lenard91 New Member

    FPRAN7 - accept everyone and on hourly. :)
  22. 89cherokee

    89cherokee New Member

    Mine is y6hhyf
  23. Cazeliah

    Cazeliah New Member

    Hi add me TANP2K.
  24. redky

    redky New Member

    New to the game, please add me 55W6W9.

  25. ebertm

    ebertm New Member

    Please add me. Playing at least 4 times per day.


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