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  1. SprintFun

    SprintFun VIP Member VIP Member

    My code is F5DWBR :)

  2. psi chick

    psi chick Member

  3. WestBlockDon

    WestBlockDon New Member

    Add me pls. TVP3AC and CWGUKR :)
  4. skyline987

    skyline987 Well-Known Member

  5. dillie_b

    dillie_b New Member

    Please Add! PV8S9D
  6. sk8citizen

    sk8citizen New Member

    Mob Code CVN7Y8
  7. Tommy Fits

    Tommy Fits New Member

    B5TRN5 How do I add you guys to my mob ? Just put your code in on the invite screen ?
  8. rsalhaba

    rsalhaba New Member

    Please add me: 66R9ED
  9. Ryanm7926

    Ryanm7926 Member

  10. Ryanm7926

    Ryanm7926 Member

    Please add me:

    Vampire live V8CJRK

  11. hoffasenior

    hoffasenior Member

    Don't have enough funds too add all these people anymore.
  12. KCmeat

    KCmeat New Member

    I'll accept all adds! CX3KNN
  13. elit3 Necro

    elit3 Necro New Member


    let me be your familie ;-)
  14. raeruckus

    raeruckus New Member

  15. raeruckus

    raeruckus New Member

    F98R4Y - Add me please
  16. lBLaCkOuTl

    lBLaCkOuTl New Member

    P63W9D. Add Me Updated *08-17-2010
  17. jessyjames

    jessyjames Guest

  18. Novocaine

    Novocaine New Member

    3byv87 please add me :)
  19. shawnie22

    shawnie22 New Member

    I just started this game and I do like it so far :D Please add me and i will add you, Y6Q9KD, name "SHAWNIE"

    THANKS!! :)
  20. dnubpa

    dnubpa Member

    Please add me GHF7BH
    You won't regret
  21. Smokey1789

    Smokey1789 New Member

  22. telepopmusik

    telepopmusik New Member

    TW29W2 add me too
  23. kyleharding

    kyleharding New Member

    Log on every 30 mins !!!



  24. mbroeders

    mbroeders New Member

    Will add anyone! So if you need a strong fellow mobster, add me...



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