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  1. Vol

    Vol Member

    Hello all. I am in the market for a new tablet and the Nexus 7 has caught my eye. A little background on me, I have been pretty invested in iOS since the initial iPhone and currently have an iPhone 4 and an original iPad. Needless to say I use iTunes pretty heavily. I am a little leary in jumping over to the android platform after all this time spent with iOS. Does anyone have experience in switching platforms and what some of the pro's/con's in doing so are?

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, Vol! :hello:
    We have lots of users who have switched platforms. (I'm not one of them)
    There are some apps and tips out there to help you move media from iTunes. Unfortunately, all your apps will have to be repurchased from the Play Store. What is it about the N7 that interests you? I love mine and know it's considerably cheaper than the iPad mini.
  3. Vol

    Vol Member

    Thanks, glad to be here! Well from a tablet stand point mine is getting pretty dated and I am looking for a new tablet that I can carry with me or use when I'm sitting on the couch in the evening to browse the internet. The size is also very appealing as I would like something that is a little easier to transport. I honestly was holding out for the iPad mini but when the specs and price were announced it kind of turned me away. Some concerns I have about the Nexus 7 from what I've seen is that the technology in it may be slightly dated. Also I'm not to familiar with the android platform and from what I can tell upgrades for it work differently then say upgrades to ios, IE the nexus 7 does not have the latest and greatest OS.
  4. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Android is quite different from iOS (in my limited time playing with iPads). I have two tablets, 7" and 10" running nearly the same internals (both Tegra 3 processors with 1Gb of RAM). I have to say, I rarely if ever touch my Transformer Prime and love my N7. The technology isn't state of the art like the latest Exynos or S4 Pro processors, but it's plenty capable for anything I throw at it.
    Upgrades work quite differently than other platforms, but being a Nexus device, you should expect at least a couple more updates (Android 4.2 being the latest though the N7 is on 4.1.2).
    I love the smaller form factor for portability and it's really nice holding in one hand. Several reviews of the iPad mini have noted it's just a touch too wide for comfortable one handed use.
    If you're able to see/use it in a store, give it a shot. I love mine, and it's my most used device outside of my phone. :)
  5. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    First off...Welcome to the forums, Vol!

    I agree with Dread. I think you should at least give it a go. Return it if you don't like it. For the price, I think it deserves a look. Try out the 16gb and see if it fits your need. IMO, the Nexus 7 is one of the best tablets you can buy for under $200.

    If your main reason to buy a small tablet is to browse the web, read books etc...I think you'll be happy with the Nexus 7. It's never a bad thing to diversify your experiences.

    Good luck with your choice!
  6. Vol

    Vol Member

    I believe I will give it a go. The price point on the Nexus 7 is really amazing, and the reviews for it all look great. Thank you all for your input and I'll be sure to get back with you on my experience!
  7. hamlin69

    hamlin69 Active Member

    I used to be big on iOS and had loads of games purchased on the app store. When I was considering a tablet I was looking at an iPad or the Nexus 7. I knew that my apps wouldn't work on the Nexus 7 and I would have to repurchase but I got the Nexus 7 anyways because I had an iPhone. Might as well have the best of both worlds right? When I started used the Nexus 7 I was blown away by Jellybean and how much customization there was. The Google Play store isn't as bad as what people say. Sure, iOS has more games but really...who cares about gaming on a tablet or a phone?

    I just recently sold my iPhone and bought a galaxy nexus. I regret nothing.
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  8. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    It has 4.1.2 that's the latest Android except 4.2 which isn't even out yet so idk how you could say it doesn't have the latest and greatest lmao.

    Also the quad core processor is fast as hell, and the hd display is amazing. The ipad mini is nothing compared to this
  9. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    I have the 4.2 camera and keyboard on my Gnex. ;)
    But really, just waiting for 4.2 to hit AOSP before full blown ROMs are based on it. :) The beauty of owning Nexus devices.
  10. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    Well there's no rear camera on the 7 so I don't need the camera, and I use swift key so I don't need the keyboard, but 4.2 should be coming to our devices withing the next month I would imagine
  11. Vol

    Vol Member

    I just meant that it didn't have 4.2 (which I believe the Nexus 10 comes with) and I wasn't to sure how Android went about updating their OS. It's nice to hear that 4.2 will be coming to the 7.
  12. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah for sure, the 10 isn't out yet but when it does I'm sure Google will release 4.2 for the rest of the nexus devices. Remember nexus devices are always first to get updates, usually within a couple weeks to a month of the announcement, unless you're on Verizon though lmao, went through that and will never do it again haha
  13. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    We generally get updates very quickly. We got 4.1.2 the same day it was announced, and I imagine well get 4.2 when the new nexus phones carrying 4.2 officially go on sale.
  14. LS1BadBird

    LS1BadBird Well-Known Member

    You mentioned you use iTunes heavily. I use an app (isyncr) that allows me to sync from my iTunes library to the phone. It's pretty slick for transferring your playlists from iTunes without having to remake them.
  15. Vol

    Vol Member

    That's very good to hear. My biggest concern initially was that iTunes had been my media center for a long time and I was afraid I had kind of locked myself into iOS.
  16. wtherrell

    wtherrell Well-Known Member

    I ditched a much more expensive Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus for the 32Gb Nexus 7. Things I miss from the SGT7+: SD Card Slot, IR blaster, rear camera. But the N7 runs so much smoother, quicker, more reliable and just seems all around superior. Besides, the support forums for N7 are fantastic! While those for SGT7+ are on life support at best. :D
  17. egernant

    egernant Well-Known Member

    Welcome Vol, a lot of the guys above have hit on the highlights. I own (well, owned) a Nexus 7 and love it. I returned it when I heard about the 32GB option, and now I'm trying to decide between the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10. Couple more points that might help your decision:

    - Nexus devices that are not tied to a specific carrier (i.e. the Nexus 7) receive updates pretty much right away from Google via an over-the-air update. You've likely heard of the frustration Android users have with updates... that will not apply to this tablet. Device manufactures (Motorola, Samsung, HTC, etc.) put their own UI on top of Android, and it is up to these manufacturers to push out Android updates to their existing phones. Problem is that they must spend a lot of time testing and adapting their UI to work with the new version of Android, and many decide it's not worth it for their old phones, leaving their customers stuck with an outdated OS. This is why I will only buy Nexus from here on out, it's the only way to go if you like being on the bleeding edge. Again... the Nexus 7 will get timely updates for 2-3 years at least.

    - I would highly suggest looking into Google Music. It lets you upload 20,000 songs and allows you to view / manipulate / play your library of tunes from any computer, any phone or any tablet via the cloud. You can set it up to upload your iTunes music folder, so it will constantly stay up to date with whatever you have in iTunes. If nothing else, it's a great backup service in case your computer implodes. Anywhere you have a wifi connection, you have your entire music collection (well, up to 20,000 songs). You can easily pin your favorite artists / playlists / etc. for offline mode so that they will be available without an internet connection, which is very useful for flights. Amazing service, definitely check it out. Several of my iOS friends without any Android products use it just to be able to backup their library and play their music from any browser, anywhere.

    Nexus 7 is incredible, you won't regret the purchase, especially at the new price point.
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  18. Vol

    Vol Member

    Thanks for the input! It's really great to hear about Google music as that was probably my biggest concern in switching over. I'm going to go ahead and order the 32gb Nexus 7 tomorrow, can't wait to get my hands on it!
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  19. Ze Veteran

    Ze Veteran Well-Known Member

    Dunno what country you live in Vol, but Google Music is (unfortunately) not supported all around the globe - yet. Europe gets it when the new Nexii (4 and 7) come out.
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  20. Vol

    Vol Member

    I checked and I'm good (located in US) :beerglass:
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  21. PhaseBurn

    PhaseBurn Active Member

    Having been a Nexus device owner since the Nexus One was announced (and every Nexus since except the Q) I will say that the Nexus lines of devices are always on the latest and greatest version of Android. You mentioned that the Nexus 7 is on Android 4.1.2 while the Nexus 10 is on 4.2 and I wanted to address that point first - Android 4.2 is not released yet. It will ship on November 13th with the Nexus 4 and 10s, and after a very short period, the Nexus 7 will get an upgrade along with the GSM Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S platforms (sorry Verizon and Sprint GNex/NexS users, didn't mean to rub even more salt in your wounds).

    As for iTunes, look into one of the many free tools for allowing your Android device to work with its library. Google Music is awesome for that BTW. I store all my media there and stream it over WiFi on my N7 (and I can pin music to the device I want available offline too). The only downside of coming from iOS is that you have to replace all your apps. This includes buying apps again for Android you may have already paid for on iOS. Other apps might not be available but I'm sure you'll find suitable replacements for them all.

    I lastly think I'm going to prefer the Nexus 10 over the 7 but that's only personal preference on screen sizes. The internals of the N7 are quite powerful for its price point. The quad core processor is power efficient and modern even if not the bleeding edge in MHz. There is bountiful RAM for everything you're going to run most likely and with 32 gigs of internal space that's a lot. I use the 8 gig model and still have half my space free thanks to Google Music's cloud streaming.

    I'm glad you're going to give it a try - if you have any questions about anything related to using it, setting it up, or migrating apps/media/settings feel free to ask, we're here to help!

  22. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut? VIP Member

    I am also interested in getting a Nexus 7 (32GB), but have a hard time pulling the trigger. I know it is what I want, I would never again touch "the competition's" product line, and the price is unarguably the best around for what you're getting. I'm still astounded actually.
    But I don't need it, and it is hard for a guy like me to spend a couple hundred plus dollars frivolously. I have a laptop, and an Inc 2 that I love dearly.
    I just want it. Something I haven't been able to say about something in a long time.

    I hope to be an active participant in this area when I do finally grow a pair and buy one.
  23. PhaseBurn

    PhaseBurn Active Member

    I find I use mine a lot more than I thought I would. Grow a pair and buy one, you can return it if you don't use it more than your Incredible.
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  24. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member

    OP: Check out doubletwist as it will deal with your itunes library
  25. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    I was the same way as you. The girlfriend asked me why I was buying one-"I just want it". Do you really need it? "No" I wasnt sure how often itd honestly get used, I just knew I wanted it.

    I use it all the time now. Everything I used to do on my phone now gets done on the tablet. Helps my phones battery life considerably because it gets used less often ;)

    Oh and that girlfriend?....she loves it as well :D
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