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  1. klinky

    klinky New Member

    Hi,Have just joined forum, on a learning curve,can someone let me know how i can transfer my itunes music to my huawai u8150, Many thanks Klinky:)

  2. DeepEmissions

    DeepEmissions VIP Member VIP Member

    I tunes is .AAC format am I correct? or do they also save in .Mp3?

    Edit: Here is an ineresting "how-to" video. you can use this utility the same way the guy in the video does on your phone, just change the Target Destination to whatever your phone comes up as when you plug your phone into your PC. also, dont forget to "Mount" your SD card after you plug your device into the PC. I tried a few songs just now and it works great.
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  3. klinky

    klinky New Member

    Many Thanks will try

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