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  1. Oldetimer

    Oldetimer New Member

    I have a nagging problem with the keyboard freezing. It doesn't matter if I am texting, emailing or 'IM'ing. I can shut down the app behind it and it is still there frozen. Only way to solve this is to turn the phone off/on again. Any hints for me? I have had the phone since July, and am still learning it. Thanks... Also, how can I get rid of Photobucket?

  2. 0DD

    0DD Well-Known Member

    No idea on the keyboard problem. Never heard of it before. You can remove default apps by rooting the phone and using titanium backup
  3. Oldetimer

    Oldetimer New Member

    Hi. Like I said, I'm still learning the thing. You say to root it? I'm sorry, but I have no clue as to what you are referring to. You might have to walk me through this, agonizingly, step by step. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks for replying.
  4. 0DD

    0DD Well-Known Member

  5. uglydude21

    uglydude21 Well-Known Member

    ok for some reason i keep seeing a guy post how to root you can simply fix this problem without root lets see here go to settings>applications>All Apps> go to android keyboard clear cache and data then reboot if this doesnt work simply install a keyboard from market

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