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  1. dabest56

    dabest56 New Member

    Ok so at random(and sticks that way) the lockscreen just wont work this is the second time this has happend to me and the first time i had to reset it to get it to work, but now i have a lot of things and i do not want to reset it. I am using stock never been rooted. Rhe phoje makes no locking sound

  2. dabest56

    dabest56 New Member

  3. eroz

    eroz New Member

    Sorry....I don't understand what you are asking?
  4. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    I know I've been having trouble completing the pattern unlock. It seems to hang up sometimes, to the point that I've resorted to a pin # unlock.
  5. ChemFreak

    ChemFreak New Member

    I just got my tmobile samsung gs2 two days ago. Today I was going through some tips and made the zombei art pop up and also entered the lcd test (*#0*#). It seems that somewhere along the lines I'm now not able to lock my phone screen. When I hit the lock button, it just makes the phone go to sleep and when I hit it again it wakes up to the screen I was at before without having to swipe or enter an unlock pattern. I have not installed any 3rd party screen lockers and have not done any rooting. Can anyone pls help me, I've looked everywhere!.
  6. dhasarathyk

    dhasarathyk New Member

    I also tried *#0*#. after that the lock was not working. I tried many things and then did a hard reset to fix it. I am afraid this is the only solution as of now.
  7. Fat Richard

    Fat Richard New Member

    This same thing happened to me immediately after leaving the *#0*# menu. I had to master reset. I highly recommend NOT ENTERING THIS MENU! It isn't worth it.

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