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Looking for a sleeve for my Nexus SAccessories

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  1. broncos7

    broncos7 New Member

  2. there really arent any Nexus S cases beside the ones best buy sells. Others will come out starting later this month
  3. mikeeh

    mikeeh Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's the thing. We will have to wait for Nexus S specific accessories.
    One thing I wanted to try is, for sleeves, go to the stores that has all phones and compare them with the Nexus S with over length and thickness. Maybe a similar dimension phone will for sure fit the Nexus S sleeves.
    Currently I am using my old G1 sleeve. And it fit very snuggly.
  4. supamas

    supamas New Member

    They sell sweet cases in the UK by tech 21. There's a case on ebay for $2 that says fits the Nexus S. I ordered one so we'll find out in a couple weeks or however long it takes from Hong Kong to get here.
  5. i purchased the platinum case from best buy with the clip 35 bucks its made by sedieo and its awesome fits the phone nice protects well and is well made. For now its the only case out there but i dont see many surpassing it
  6. King Stampede

    King Stampede Well-Known Member

    I bought that case twice since the first one did not hold my phone snugly. The second one I bought had the same loose feeling and then scratched up the back of my phone. Needless to say I'm pissed. I bought a Amzer silicone jelly case which should be arriving any day now.
  7. let me know how that is im interested in the argyle one
    dude the site is saying not available till 1/24
  8. Bashar

    Bashar Member

    i'm also shopping for one, let me know what the best you found :)

  9. Aria807

    Aria807 Active Member

    Isn't the Amzer jelly case rubber / silicone? So.... attracts lint / dust?
  10. King Stampede

    King Stampede Well-Known Member

    I just received my Amzer silicone/jelly case and it is really really good for the price. It is not flimsy and has a good solid fit around the nexus s. The sides are a little loose but still have a good fit. It is not bothersome at all.

    It does not add that much in terms of size and it does add very little weight. I like this since without the case the phone felt light but this added weight does wonders and adds to the overall feel.

    The power button and volume rocker buttons are not cut out but there are notches to indicate where they are. I believe this is a plus as it adds that extra little "click" when you press them. I hope that makes sense.

    I have put my phone in my pocket and did not notice any large amounts of dust or lint. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    This case was definitely worth the $10. I'd recommend this case over the cheap BB case they were offering for $35.

    Also, Ive always used hard cases before for all my old phones and this was my first time using a soft silicone case.
  11. bigboss1966

    bigboss1966 Member

  12. royals ego

    royals ego Member

  13. thehornedone

    thehornedone New Member

    If you own a Nexus One, you can use that neoprene sleeve on the Nexus S. It will fit. The HTC sleeve for the HTC HD2 also works well.

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