love android but for music cant seem to find something i like as much as iTunes

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  1. dmorgan924

    dmorgan924 Member

    I love my android phone but cant find a way i like to manage music as much as itunes.
    Currently I have winamp on my PC and doubletwist on my android phone.

    It works but just love the way itunes works as far as syncing music .

    What do you use and do?

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Personally I hate iTunes.

    However I do not understand as to how WinAmp does not suit your needs. I mean I have WinAmp syncing straight to a music folder I specifically defined in my device. No double twist needed, just straightup WinAmp from PC to phone.
  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

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  4. XLS125

    XLS125 Active Member

    I felt the same for a long time. But I signed up for spotify premium, and in my opinion it is way better than iTunes. Worth the subscription.
  5. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Itunes is bloated and terrible. Not having to use it was one if the first reasons I looked at Android
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  6. Roadie1015

    Roadie1015 Well-Known Member

    You can still manage music on your PC with iTunes. If you're already using Doubletwist just get Airsync and you're all set.
  7. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide


    I've only got iTunes on the office PC, so I can download iTunes U content.
  8. androidguy1

    androidguy1 Member

    personally i dont find itunes that bad, but to each there own. but i do like mediago alot better then itunes, it has lots of features, creating/syncing playlists, syncing music, videos, and pictures.

    it also has a store built in, but its mostly for the PSP, and movies/tv shows, and podcasts, no music content at all.

    i find the UI very clean and usable, it also has a compact mode, where it stays in front of all your open windows, but in a small bar at the bottom of the screen, giving you access to music controls without leaving your current window.

    you can find it here: Download - Media Go - Sony Network Entertainment
  9. Davdi

    Davdi Well-Known Member Contributor

    Winamp pro on PC and Android shows iTunes for the bloated monster it really is.
  10. crash613

    crash613 Member

    It is so funny that people are so fast to say iTunes is bloatware but then they compare it to crap like winamp on the Android side.

    I just want to music manager that keeps track of play counts ,smart playlists and everything else it iTunes does show me that and I'll be happy
  11. crash613

    crash613 Member

    For anyone reading this at any point in the future... check out iSyncr. It is awesome and does the trick.
  12. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

    How is it awesome when it show, iTunes for Windows required. I don't use Windows on my PC.
  13. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    I've uploaded over 15,000 tracks to Googe Music and bought some from them also, they've found everything I've needed so far and it works really well imo.
  14. crash613

    crash613 Member

    it is not awesome for you...
    but for me, it does the trick.

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