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  1. Slomoshun

    Slomoshun New Member

    So I wake up after an awesome Halloween party to find my phone sitting in my trash can, which has an inch or 2 of vodka and orange juice in the bottom(not puke, spilled drink).

    The phone wasn't sitting flat on the bottom, it was leaning on the side so only a small portion was submerged(over night). The phone was off.

    I immediately took out the battery/sim card and put them in a bowl of rice and gel-packs and covered it with a lid. Almost all of the moisture is out but I still see a tiny bit behind the screen, not to mention a smear behind the screen that I can't get to without taking the phone apart.

    I don't want to take the phone to the dealer until I lost all hope so I would like to take it apart but I really don't want to do that without seeing a video or some details on my exact phone. I found all kinds of disassemble videos for other phones, but not mine.

    So my question is, does anyone have a video, or picture instructions on how to disassemble the LG Lucid or should I take it to Verizon? I really can't afford paying $300-400 on a new phone and my contract just got renewed.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. fatdaddysnacks

    fatdaddysnacks Well-Known Member

    A lot of times liquid could dry up easy but the sugars in the alcohol and orange juice get sticky and leave residue behind. Good luck
  3. Slomoshun

    Slomoshun New Member

    The LDI stickers are still factory set(White with Purple X's), so there's not going to be any proof it was water damaged. What should I tell Verizon if the phone doesn't work when I turn it on?

    I can't afford to pay a $300-400 bill on a new phone atm. Building a new house and money is tight.
  4. airtioteclint

    airtioteclint Well-Known Member

    Dude just give it some hangover soup. It should be ok. Lol

    Nah seriously what I would do is just loosen the screws on the side that was submerged. Only enough to let water in freely and dip that end in water carefully washing out all the orange juice residue. Let it dry and you should be back in business. I don't think I gotta say that you should remove the battery before doing this. Good luck.
  5. Slomoshun

    Slomoshun New Member

    Thanks guys.
  6. Slomoshun

    Slomoshun New Member

    Well, I finally took it out of the rice and it's got no life to it. Put the battery in and plugged it into my charger and to no avail.

    So, my next plan is to take it apart and clean the water spots off the back of the screen so Verizon can't tell it was water damaged.

    1. Good idea or bad? It looks really hard once you get to the adhesive part.

    2. Even if I get it apart, cleaned and back together again will they know that I took it apart?

    3. If I don't clean the back of the screen will they know that those spots are from being dropped in water?
  7. fatdaddysnacks

    fatdaddysnacks Well-Known Member

    Leave it at a public place file a police report for lost or stolen phone then call the same insurance company
  8. airtioteclint

    airtioteclint Well-Known Member

    Damn. Sounds like something got fried then. I had a friend who dropped her phone in the toilet. She just let it dried out and still using it now. I guess it matters how long it was in water.
  9. fatdaddysnacks

    fatdaddysnacks Well-Known Member

    Yeah if it was off water usually won't fry it its when something sticky gets in it when it causes problems

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