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  1. StoppingTime

    StoppingTime New Member

    I am a new user of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Android in general, so forgive me if this question has been asked before.

    I have installed the latest version of Kies on my Mac (10.7.2). Every time I try to connect my Tab to it, under the devices tab, it will say "connecting..." endlessly, and will never recognize my device. On the Tab, it says "MTP" connection... but nothing ever on the Mac. I have turned USB debugging off, which is the only way I have heard this problem to be easily fixed. I have tried reinstalling it, but this has not worked as well. I just finished chatting with a Samsung Support Rep, who recommended a hard restart, which I was a little unsure about.

    Is there any way to fix this problem without resetting the Tab (less than a week old, 32 GB WIFI model) to factory defaults?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Sgt Jiggy

    Sgt Jiggy Member

    Suggestion, I am a Mac user and have transferred many a file between android devices and the Mac. I don't know that the Kies software is but have heard talk about it on the forum (i will have to investigate). Anyway, there shouldn't be any need to use it just connect the tab to the Mac via usb, select mount when promoted (on your android device), then drag and drop the files to the tab drive icon that should appear on your Mac desktop. I've transferred entire itunes libraries (except DRM files), photos, contact list etc...
  3. StoppingTime

    StoppingTime New Member

    It is not recognized by my Mac at all, even as a mounted disk. I have been using Bluetooth to transfer everything which is quite annoying.
  4. Sgt Jiggy

    Sgt Jiggy Member

  5. vAgathon

    vAgathon New Member

    Unfortunately, Honeycomb doesn't support USB mounting and uses MTP instead. Transferring files to the Tab is a hassle for Mac users to say the least - I only wish Google would update the Android File Transfer tool to be compatible with the SGT 10.1.

    The only problem with Kies is that you can only transfer media files (and not documents etc.).

    Another option is using File Expert and transferring via Wifi. I would think it's faster than using bluetooth.
  6. dpm1961

    dpm1961 New Member

    Hi I had exactly the same problem but found that an older version of Kies worked with my Samsung Galaxy 7.0 Plus. I am currently using version I emailed Samsung about this problem and got the following response:

    Unfortunately we have been having issue with Lion, but we are rolling out a new version of Kies now that Apple have provided the neccessary developement tools
  7. d13g0

    d13g0 Well-Known Member

    I'm having this problem now and can't figure it out....have you guys figures anything out yet? If I put my music on an external hard drive and then use the USB adapter do you think that might work?
  8. Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor Well-Known Member

    Take a look at SyncMate, it is like Kies for Mac and it works with Lion flawlessly.

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