Motorola Droid Bionic (XT875 Targa) ROMs for GSM Users (e.g. StraightTalk)

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  1. The MC

    The MC Member

    First off, I take no credit for any work on these roms since I am simply tweaking a few minor things listed below.
    Second, I take no responsibility if something happens to your phone during any of these processes.
    Third, your phone must already be rooted and radio unlocked in order to use these roms.

    Guide for rooting
    Guide for unlocking radio
    I would also recommend starting with a fresh install of JB

    This thread is for all of those Bionic owners who want to use their phone on a gsm network such as StraightTalk (These roms should work for T-mobile, Att, etc. as well, but have not been tested, e.g. apn settings.)

    What I Have Done...
    (I wish I could remember where I found these build.prop suggestions because I have compiled this list from multiple suggestions that others have noted on various other sites; the same goes for the localprop change.)
    1. Edited the build.prop
      • ro.telephony.default_network=3
      • ro.mot.phonemode.vzw4gphone=0
      • telephony.lteOnCdmaDevice=0
      • ro.mot.phonemode.vzwglobalphone=1
      • ro.telephony.gsm-routes-us-smsc=0
    2. Edited localprop
    3. Edited APN Settings
      • <!-- Straight Talk --><apn carrier="straight talk" mcc="310" mnc="410" apn="att.mvno" port="80" mmsc="" mmsproxy="" mmsport="80"/><!-- end Straight Talk -->

    In order to use any of these roms follow the developers instructions from the original threads. The only difference is to use the alternate zip files below.

    AOKP ROM (Slot 2)
    Follow dhacker29's instructions for installing the rom
    Use this zip modified for GSM networks
    Here is a link to the gapps from the original thread as well.

    Avatar ROM (Slot 1)
    Follow avatar's instructions for installing the rom
    Use this zip modified for GSM networks
    Here is a link to the gapps from the original thread as well.

    Carbon ROM (Slot 1)
    Follow TMC363's instructions for installing the rom
    Use this zip modified for GSM Networks
    Here is a link to the gapps from the original thread as well.

    CM ROM (Slot 1)
    Follow the instructions from the Cyanogenmod site.
    Use this modified zip for GSM networks

    Liquid Smooth ROM (Slot 3)
    Follow dhacker29's instructions for installing this rom.
    Use this zip modified for GSM networks
    Here is a link to the gapps from the original thread as well.

    PAC ROM (Slot 1)
    Follow narffran's instructions for installing this rom.
    Use this zip modified for GSM networks
    Here is a link to the gapps from the original thread as well.

    Again, I did not build any of these roms only changing the aforementioned settings to provide better functionality for StraightTalk. All thanks should go to the original devs.

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  2. smutta

    smutta New Member

    was wondering could u give me a lil help now i have installed your roms and they work fine but i would like to have the basic stock rom working on gsm so i can use webtop and my lapdock. my question is how do you get the bropbuild to work without the boot loop. i change propbuild and change permissions and then stuck on booploop and have start all over again. ty in advance
  3. MarkusMcNugen

    MarkusMcNugen Member

    If you can wait a few weeks, Blurry will support webtop and have some GSM patches as well. Just have to give me a couple weeks to get everything put together for an update, and finish porting Blurry to the Razr.
  4. smutta

    smutta New Member

    sounds great never tested blurry but i do like the flyingjelly also but the gms only let me make calls no data or text
  5. smutta

    smutta New Member

    nevermind i figured it out and was able to do it with flying jelly rom ty for the help
  6. Dailen

    Dailen New Member

    I'm having an issue with Cyanogenmod crashing whenever I receive a call or immediately following an outgoing call. Any suggestions? Driving me nuts because I love CM but this is killing it :-(
  7. amerikansk

    amerikansk New Member

    Could you please provide a few more details? How did you get GSM working with FlyingJelly? Barring this answer, my initial thoughts were to try out the AOKP ROM and instructions per this thread.
  8. brknscrn

    brknscrn New Member

    I've tried the edits to the build.prop file noted in the thread several above yours. I ahyve not had FJ take the change to build.prop. As soon as I reboot, I get a error and the only way to clear is to remove the battery. Can you help?
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  9. The MC

    The MC Member

    The best way I found is to open the zip on my computer ( I use linux, and I have not tested on other OSes). I navigate to the build.prop and open it from the zip file. I make the changes and save it. The zip file then asks if I want to update its contents, namely the file I was just editing and I click yes.

    Send me the link to FJ and I can make the changes for you and add it to the list. Also, something else you could try after making the changes, reboot into recovery and wipe cache and dalvik cache. This might fix your issue.
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  10. kitcostantino

    kitcostantino Member

    Hi. I am stoked to see bionics working on ST. One question, though, is there a way to unlock the radio/and or is it necessary on .905, ICS, AND JB phones? Different procedire? The radio link is dead. I was also curious if *#*#4636#*#* would allow a direct program. Thanks in advance!
  11. brknscrn

    brknscrn New Member

    Thanks for the offer and I greatly appreciate it! I've also tried the new Carbon 1.8 and have not had that rom work as I couldn't find the location to update the APN settings. The link for Flying Jelly 1.1 is "". I really like that ROM as I've tried many. Although I must say I've got Carbon 1.7 working with Walmart Family Wireless at both H and E speeds! This has been wonderful and thanks for the help! I'd like to understand the updates so we can get more people using this phone on GSM!
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  12. brknscrn

    brknscrn New Member

    Head over to DroidRZR Forum and you will find my post there to make the radio edit. I can't take credit for the work but I did repost at that forum. Use the link below and it will bring to the page of the prodecure. Originally found at the XDA-Developers Forum.

    [ROM][JB] FlyingJelly 1.1 by Team LiteSpeed (5/19) - Page 29 - Droid Bionic ROMs [XT875] -
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  13. kitcostantino

    kitcostantino Member

    Well, my buddy who uses straight talk is using a hw a bionic i modded. I gotta put a new digitizer in it, but so far, straight talk txt, voice, and data still work well. Pretty fast too. I was pushing 12 m/s (vzw) and he was getting 6 m/s. I did the mods on the stock side, then flashed modded gsm carbon on slot 1. The settings didnt stick (network type) so well on stock, so i waited until the signal/data was good, then powered off to install carbon. Amazing work. I am very gratefull for the compilation of this info and modded roms. THANK YOU!
  14. jenjen1091

    jenjen1091 New Member

    Hello My Name is Jen.

    I have a Droid Bionic that I just bought from Amazon. I was doing research and saw that people are using this phone with Straight talk. When I got the phone it did NOT have a 4G LTE SIM card. When I power the phone on it tells me to Insert SIM card. It will not let me use the phone or do anything on the phone for that matter without it.

    I saw that Straight Talk has their own SIM cards. Do I need to buy the one Through Verizon that I can get on Amazon as well for under $10 or do I need to Buy the Straight talk one. I also don't under stand how to Do the Unlock/ rooting to get the phone to work properly with it. I have Windows 8 and everything I have found only works with Windows XP.

    I am really Lost at what to do and was really looking forward to having a better phone with my Straight Talk Service. ANY help would be appreciated.
  15. kitcostantino

    kitcostantino Member

    Try touching the corners of the welcome screen, one point at at time, in a counter clockwise order. If its already on jb that will not work.
  16. Saphien

    Saphien New Member

    Straight Talk lists different APN settings now on the BringYourOwnPhone site. I'm having trouble edittting or adding an APN to the Carbon build. I get to the APN section but it doesn't appear to take. Where do you edit those settings in the build/zip files and I'll just do it that way. Here are the APN settings they recommend now:

    APN: tfdata
    MMS PORT: 80
    MMS_APN: tfdata

    P.S. Any luck on getting a stock build pre-patched for GSM? Everytime I mess with build.prop myself I get stuck in an infinite boot loop on the bionic loading animation.

    Update: I have phone, text, MMS, and data working on the Bionic with the Carbon rom.


    1. Started with full FXZ stock current Bionic JB build.
    2. Root
    3. Radiocomm Hack to enable GSM
    4. Installed Safestrap
    5. Installed GSM version of Carbon in Rom 1 slot from link above
    6. Rebooted into Carbon with Straight Talk sim inserted
    7. Phone was able to talk/text but could not get MMS or DATA
    8. Went into Mobile Network settings, saw the original author's APN settings he stated above and changed them to the settings in my post. All data, MMS, phone, text is now working.

    I want to see if I can just copy the build.prop to a stock rom, switch to GSM Auto, and add the Straight Talk APN settings. I'll get back and let everyone know how it goes. Maybe I'll finally stop getting the dreaded Stock GSM boot loop.
  17. kitcostantino

    kitcostantino Member

  18. firpo

    firpo New Member

    good morning can upload again the CM ROM Please
  19. 420master

    420master New Member

    Can someone please point me to a good link for the CM GSM patch? Slingfile has been down for at least a couple of days.
    Or at least a file name so I know what to look for?:)

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