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  1. Existence

    Existence Well-Known Member

    Usually use 4g since it works great in my area, but now since i found out that wifi uses less battery i wanted to switch over to it. Now it wont connect. Ive restarted and pulled the battery out as well. It finds my network then try to connect and it wont. 3g stays on. The check mark is on for wifi but says disconnected. What gives?

    EDIT: Reset my wireless modem and now its working. Disregard this unless others are having problems. Try resetting your wireless modem.

  2. Mabster

    Mabster Well-Known Member

    I've had to reset my wifi router once too. Common enough problem with computers.
  3. JoeProcopio

    JoeProcopio Well-Known Member

    only recently have I been having issues with my wifi at home...had to restart the router twice now in 3 days...looks like if reset the password, it works after restarting the router...although all my other devices, 2 computers and a PanDigital Novel seem to be only affects the Droid

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