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  1. LightyKD

    LightyKD Well-Known Member

    Has anyone been able to get N64oid to run on the Optimus S? Every time I try to install the .apk file, its a no go :(

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  2. VioletLinked

    VioletLinked Member

    Dang. I'm sure the optimis can run it. I use FPse and frogger works well. Strange, no n64oid.
  3. LightyKD

    LightyKD Well-Known Member

    I thought it was strange too. I can run most games on FPse at 25-35 frames per second. From what Ive read, the person who made PSX4Droid also made N64oid and the guy has a tendacy of half-assing his apps :( I would love to see the FPse guys make a competing N64 emulator.:D
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  4. VioletLinked

    VioletLinked Member

    God d@mn optimus s.
  5. sonicbluemustang

    sonicbluemustang Well-Known Member

    I could not get Nesoid to work but I did get TigerNES to work. :)
  6. VioletLinked

    VioletLinked Member

    Nesoid and all other emulators except the n64oid and all tiger emulators work for LG optimus s. All of the __oid ones work other than n64oid. Psx4droid works fine as well as FPse. Why no n64oid? I don't know. If anyone can get it working or installed, PLEASE tell me.
  7. TyMiles2012

    TyMiles2012 Member

    Try this if your phone is rooted, use Root Explorer or a similar app to copy the n64oid apk to the /system/app/ folder, then change the permissions to rw-r--r-- (make sure you are mounted as r/w, you can do this by touching the Mount R/W button on the upper right). Then go back to your SD card and rename the original apk to com.androidemu.n64-1.apk, then move that to the /data/app/ and change the permissions once again to rw-r--r--, then reboot your phone, congrats, you installed it, but when I select a rom to play, I get a force close unfortunately, I'm using the LG Vortex, but I think the Optimus S and the Vortex are just about the same phone. See if N64oid will work after you did this.
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  8. VioletLinked

    VioletLinked Member

    I have tried to root my phone, and It's impossible. LG optimus S's updates break roots and I don't know how anyway. There is a new update of n64oid though, its the long awaited 2.0. Hopefully that works.
  9. VioletLinked

    VioletLinked Member

    It Still won't work.
    I think I know what it is however.

    The N64oid System requirements

    - Android 2.0 or above
    - ARMv7 compatible CPU
    - OpenGL-ES 2.0

    Here is what LG Optimus S has:

    - Android 2.2
    - ARMv6 compatible CPU (He have no ARMv7)
    - OpenGL-ES 2.0 (I think so)

    I got the source code. If someone can recompile it or something and make it work, I'll worship you forever.

    Here is Source:

  10. paulscode

    paulscode Well-Known Member

    For anyone who is on an older pre-ARM7a device, here are the core and video plug-ins compiled for ARM5 and later (can't guarantee they will work, since I don't have an ARM5 device to test them on myself):

    libmupen64plus-core-ARM5 (the sourcecode)
    libgles2n64-ARM5 (sourcecode included in previous link)

    Unfortunately, since half of N64oid is closed-source, I couldn't put together a complete APK package. To use this new library, first you must install N64oid (tested on version 2.0.3, no idea if it works on other versions). You must also have your device rooted, and you will need a terminal app (the free "Terminal Emulator" from the Android Market works fine). Download the above files (the Android browser app may stick a ".txt" extension on the end of them for some reason, don't worry about it). Then open your terminal and get root access. Navigate to your app install folder. For my DroidX, this is /data/data, but it may be different for other devices. You'll have to look around if its not there. Enter the n64oid library directory, backup the current core and video libraries, and copy the downloaded files (on my DroidX they are in /mnt/sdcard/download, but it may be different on other devices). Rename them libmupen64plus-core.so and libgles2n64.so. Then change their permissions to make them executable:
    Code (Text):
    1. su
    2. cd /data/data
    3. cd com.androidemu.n64/lib
    4. mv libmupen64plus-core.so libmupen64plus-core-BACKUP.so
    5. mv libgles3n64.so libgles2n64-BACKUP.so
    6. cp /mnt/sdcard/download/libmupen64plus-core-ARM5.txt ./libmupen64plus-core.so
    7. chmod 755 libmupen64plus-core.so
    8. cp /mnt/sdcard/download/libgles2n64-ARM5.txt ./libgles2n64.so
    9. chmod 755 libgles2n64.so
    10. exit
    11. exit
    Obviously, if these libraries break N64oid, you can delete them and rename the backups you made earlier, like so:
    Code (Text):
    1. rm libmupen64plus-core.so
    2. mv libmupen64plus-core-BACKUP.so libmupen64plus-core.so
    3. rm libgles2n64.so
    4. mv libgles2n64-BACKUP.so libgles2n64.so
    For folks with ARM7a devices, here is Yongzh's core library (based on the most recent sources he posted a couple days ago) upgraded to the latest version of Ari64's dynarec (will improve overall performance and fix crashes on some ROMs):

    libmupen64plus-core-ARM7 (the sourcecode)

    Installation of this one is the same as above, except you are only replacing one library instead of two:
    Code (Text):
    1. su
    2. cd /data/data
    3. cd com.androidemu.n64/lib
    4. mv libmupen64plus-core.so libmupen64plus-core-BACKUP.so
    5. cp /mnt/sdcard/download/libmupen64plus-core-ARM7.txt ./libmupen64plus-core.so
    6. chmod 755 libmupen64plus-core.so
    7. exit
    8. exit
    I personally avoided rooting my phone until only a couple days ago, because doing so voids the warranty and opens a rather sizeable security hole, but in the end I kind of needed to do this to get a working core with the latest dynarec for comparison. That being said, if you are not comfortable with rooting your own device, if you want to help me test my project, or you just don't want to pay the 5 bucks for N64oid, feel free to follow my project, which I intend to place on the market for free once its complete.
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  11. KEVIN-60824-

    KEVIN-60824- Member

    you can root your lg optimus s with gingerbreak its the only one that works
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  12. TyMiles2012

    TyMiles2012 Member

    That's how I rooted my Vortex. I'll try paulscode's suggestion when I get the time.

    EDIT: I'm going to assume that my method of installing it on the Optimus/Vortex as I explained earlier will count as "Being Installed."

    EDIT2: I like the Mupen64Plus AE idea! It's nice to have a competing N64 emulator around.
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  13. VioletLinked

    VioletLinked Member

    Paul, first let me say, YOU ROCK. You have coded minecraft, emulators, games, websites... I mean holy!

    I did finally get my LG Optimus s rooted. I overclocked it to 600 MHz, and aperently thats as high as all the overclocking apps can go... (WHHHHYYY???)

    Oh, and I suck at rooting and code and stuff... so Im outta luck. I though n64oid was 100% open...

    And yes, I do want to test out Mupen64Plus AE, but will it work on pre ARM 7a devices? I'd love to test it!

    Please, send me an apk if possible!
  14. paulscode

    paulscode Well-Known Member

    It'll be compiled for compatibility back to ARM5, an optimized version for ARM7A, and a version for x86. That should cover 95% of android devices out there (only limit being the GLES2 requirement for the video plug-in until a GLES1 version (probably of Arachnoid) is developed. That being said, I have no idea how smoothly it will run on 600MHz. The audio would probably be skippy, but probably playable. It'll be interesting to see how it does on some of these devices. Anyway, it is nearly complete, but I'm still struggling with the video plug-in (I'm not much of a GL guru, sadly).
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  15. VioletLinked

    VioletLinked Member

    Dude, thats awesome! When will it be released?
    Can you give a date, and if possible send me a testing prototype?
    Paul, You rock man! Good luck with your Future coding! :D
  16. GamerCore

    GamerCore VIP Member VIP Member

    Keep Phandroid posted on this development! Would love to know when you get it up and running! Thanks :D
  17. paulscode

    paulscode Well-Known Member

    For testing, I can't be much more specific on a date than to say "hopefully soon" (a month ago I was positive it would only take a couple days to track down the problem, but I still haven't yet). The final roadblock is that I don't know what's wrong with the video plug-in. No video plug-in is kind of a deal breaker for anyone who doesn't like to "play it by ear" so to speak :D As for a market release, the last component I'll need to code is a front-end (so the user doesn't have to play around in the config files just to control the emulator, or have a wireless joystick for touch-screen only devices). The front-end will be coded in Java, which I'm very comfortable with, so it shouldn't take more than a month or so to finish it once I can actually start working on it.
  18. LightyKD

    LightyKD Well-Known Member

    Holy snap!!! Glad to see someone working on a version of this emulator for the Optimus S. I was seconds away from thinking about throwing this phone away but THIS will make me consider keeping this phone a bit longer
  19. VioletLinked

    VioletLinked Member

    he is almost done with the video codec i think, and i have seen some stuff for on screen controls! =D :p
  20. LightyKD

    LightyKD Well-Known Member

    Once this emu gets up and running on this phone, I'll most likely say "screw android gaming". My biggest issue with android gaming on this phone is the lack of SD support. I can't really enjoy games like I want to because I'm so busy having to shuffle my apps around. :( Before I forget, control mapping should be easy on this phone. A and B can be the search and back buttons. C and the analog can be on the screen and Z,L and R can be mapped to the volume camera and speech buttons
  21. VioletLinked

    VioletLinked Member

    Tears are coming out of my eyes.
    Tears of joy!

    Paul's first mupenAE test works!
    You can get get it at his project site!
    Remember, this is very early!

    Great job paul! I can't wait for menus, on-screen controls, and updates!
  22. KEVIN-60824-

    KEVIN-60824- Member

    How can I get the mupenAE test thing it says I have to be invited in the blog to his website
  23. paulscode

    paulscode Well-Known Member

    No invitation needed. Just visit my Mupen64Plus AE project page. The latest "official builds" will be posted there.

    Progress update: I'm working on fixing the Vec4 optimization, which is the cause of the shader bug on phones without Neon. I hope to get that fixed in the next couple of days - should be the last major bug to fix before starting on a nice user-friendly GUI (I know everyone is tired of playing in the config files, haha)
  24. KEVIN-60824-

    KEVIN-60824- Member

    Thanks but how am I supppose to choose which rom I want to play it only chooses super m ario
  25. VioletLinked

    VioletLinked Member

    Jesus christ. Read the frkin fourm!

    Its easy! Switch the Mario.n64 file with a diffrent rom, and change the name to Mario.n64,
    In you sd/app-data/paulscode.../roms folder.

    So if you wanna play smash bros..

    First. Download the rom file online. Then, unzip the file. It should be something like this:

    Super_smash.z64 or similar.
    Rename that to Mario.n64.
    Replace the existing Mario.n64 in your Tom's folder.

    Boot up mupen ae, and play!

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