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  1. jcoughlan

    jcoughlan New Member

    I wonder if anyone has this problem with the phone. I've tried everything. The Amaze has a VERY annoying habit of just messing up the order of pictures when I save them. I'm really irritated because my old Samsung Galaxy always saved the files exactly the way I wanted them. The Amaze refuses to save the pics in any order. It won't save the file folders by name. It even randomly puts pics from one file in another! And no, putting numbers after each pic doesn't help either. It jumbles them up! How do you transfer pics from a computer to the phone with titled file folders and in numerical order?

    I connected the cable and used the top dropdown menu to go to the file settings and the window pops up. I went to DCIM and dragged and dropped the pics in order. The phone NEVER ever saves them in the order I moved the files! It always scrambles them up!

  2. jcoughlan

    jcoughlan New Member

    I think I should give an example: (The Galaxy S never has problems doing this)

    Suppose you save pics from vacation so one file is labelled "vacation."
    Then you have pics of your co-workers so it's labelled "work."

    In the vacation file, each pic is named NY01, NY02 and so on.
    In the work file, each pic is named work01, work02 and so on.

    When I save it, the files on the phone ALWAYS revert to "camera shots" and "all photos". It mixes up the transferred pics with the ones taken by the phone camera and also DELETES the titles "vacation" and "work." It won't let me keep the order or the titles! Why?
  3. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    I have photos saved in folders on my Amaze. Everything stays organized fine using the stock Gallery app.
  4. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    I use Quickpic, but I believe even the stock Gallery app (HTC's version, not Android stock) lets you sort. You may have some oddball sorting selected. ;)

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