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Need to return droid x to asurion insurance....

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  1. DavefromCA

    DavefromCA Active Member

    So i need to send my old droid x back to asurion. The software's been "modified." Im thinking just sbf and erase/format the memory card? Anything else?

  2. Ricanspider

    Ricanspider Member

    Just sbf it and you will be all set no need to do the other things. also i dont think you will need to send the mcard back because they will just send it in the new phone when you get it.
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  3. DavefromCA

    DavefromCA Active Member

    I actually already have the new phone....just "modified" the software. :) I do have a new SD card...they tell you not to return the battery.
  4. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    when you say modified... do you mean rooted? romed? themed? care to explain? if it is, i will need to move this to all things root.

    but i will wait to see if thats the case.

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