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  1. rbheromax

    rbheromax Well-Known Member

    If anybody wants to start up the Prevail Dev scene again message me or reply to this thread
    Looking to start developing for this phone

  2. ryanshea666

    ryanshea666 New Member

  3. Rarewolf

    Rarewolf Well-Known Member

    Sounds good man.
    IM not good at making ROMS
    But IM good at troubleshooting and theming, so far.
  4. cvic

    cvic Well-Known Member Contributor

    i can be a test dummy since my prevail is no longer my daily use phone...
  5. rbheromax

    rbheromax Well-Known Member

    I've started on getting Sense 3.0 running on top of gingerbread, wish me luck
    Rarewolf likes this.

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