Nexus guy at heart thinking of I5, your experience?General

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  1. bajaboy

    bajaboy Well-Known Member

    droid guy since they were released.

    VZW customer with unlimited data.

    Bought a SGN full msrp on release and I truly Loved that phone. More so then any other phone on the market or that I have owned. Dropped it in late 2012 and insurance sent me a brand new S3.

    Couldnt even give TW a chance after owning a nexus. So I put cm10 on it.
    Phone is MEH. Not really impressed with it.

    Uses of phone, Communication tool!! & wifi tether.
    Computer is OSX. Dont purchase music through itunes but organize it there and use podcasts from 2 artists. Plus OSX and samsung is a headache... Huge one. Have to take the samsung software off my computer or it bugs my OS so i have to load it anytime i want to connect my phone. (use airdroid now)

    Any guys who have used the iphone would you recommend it? The main thing holding me back in no free wifi tether. Free w droid, 30$ a month for iphone until its jailbroken.

    Im not a android or apple guys. Just use what is infront of me or needed.

  2. Liamo_210

    Liamo_210 Well-Known Member

    It really depends if you like yo customize in any way then the iPhone is not foe you as even when jail broken customizing is practically non existent.
  3. Liamo_210

    Liamo_210 Well-Known Member

    Why not try a nexus 4. Twice as good and half as cheap. Its a win win.
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  4. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    the main downside i have with the iphone is the durability of those phones. i just got done replacing a dr's iphone screen, and i will say it is no easy task, but it isnt that hard either, but the front and back of the phone is encased in glass, and you can easily cut yourself as i did. and applecare is more expensive than traditional insurance. but it really is up to you.

    i dont think i can not drop a phone at least once. phones will be dropped. however if you are looking at functionality. going to the ip5 may be fun at first to learn about all the new stuff you can do, the apps and what not.

    it is all your preference to say the least and you should try them. good luck on your choice.
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  5. bajaboy

    bajaboy Well-Known Member

    Cant lie, my S3 is customized but only because I hated TW

    I would Love a N4. Just sucks they dont work on CDMA. Being I still have unlimited through vzw and their coverage in my area is better then anyone else I think it would be a bad idea moving away from them.

    I think im nuts as I read many ios people are making the switch to android. I guess I am just attracted to the ease of sync to my current OSX computer.
  6. bajaboy

    bajaboy Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the insight. Surprisingly I dont drop my phones (knock on wood) Spend most of the day on my desk, bag or car.

    Girlfriend has an Ipad and while the app store is cool I didnt find anything i coudlnt live without.

    Use.. Gmail, Gvoice, Gmaps, chrome2phone & play music + SMS/MMS

    the iphone is really only attractive to me over my current s3 because syncing music is much easier.

    but then Iphone is more money to tether. and "less" of a os/phone

    Maybe ill just get an ipod.... :rolleyes: haha
  7. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    The other thing to consider is how deep are you into google's ecosystem as far as apps, and media go? It could be expensive to go to apple's because then you'd have to repurchase a lot of the same apps. If you really like the nexus, you could try to find a used one online somewhere. They aren't so expensive anymore, with most going for around 200 or less possibly.
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  8. bajaboy

    bajaboy Well-Known Member

    have... 5$ invested?

    Most of the music i listen too the artists put out free downloads. (trance/EDM) Or ill use pandora/podcasts/XM.

    As far as video goes I have full comcast and can access that through Xfinity player or HBO Go.

    Ive come to the fact that i just do not like the S3.

    Already put an add up looking for a new SGN for 200ish. If i dont like the iphone i can just sell it and pocket the difference (maybe buy a 7inch tablet?) and ill be happy with the nexus.

    The idea of a SGN and nexus7 or ipad mini excites me haha
  9. darkodroid

    darkodroid Member

    My mum has an iphone 5 I have used it quite a bit helping her get set up on it and even though my nexus is over a year old I would prefer that over the iphone. I think android is more user friendly than apple.. Apples app market has less to offer than android... To the OP why don't you upload ur music to Google Music? Plus I think getting rid of unlimited data for an iphone is a HUGE mistake.. You will get bored of that phone quickly
  10. bajaboy

    bajaboy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reply, I do have a lot of my files on google music and while it is nice and "works" the sound quality is not the same and I make sure all my stuff is in HQ. Plus i like to prolong battery life and not stream unless I have too.

    Wouldnt be giving up Unlimited data. verizon will never get me to sign another contract.
  11. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    We should chat. I was die hard Android for about 3 years. I had the DX and the G Nex. I now own the Iphone5. Ask me anything you want to know. I don't mind answering. First thing is though you said you're not signing another contract and that you want to keep unlimited data. So that means you're willing to pay full price for the I5. Is that correct?

    I have a Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro, and an Ipad. The I5 was the first Iphone i have ever owned though. I've had it since October.

    ** just ask the questions in here. It may be useful for other people.
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  12. bajaboy

    bajaboy Well-Known Member

    Not singing a contract.. found a local gentalman looking for an S3 that has an iphone5 so will be trading him. So cost is zero for I5

    Ive had a MBA and just upgraded to 15retina. The androidfiletransfer slows down OS on both computers. It would make text input lag. So had to uninstall reinstall.

    My question to you is... Do you miss the android phone? Looks like you are on the go a lot w the Air. Did you suck it up and pay the extra 30 to VZW to tether?

    I wouldnt mind TOO much as i spoke w verizon and the extra 30 bucks for tether is a true unlimited plan. Not throttled aka use it as much as you please. Which impressed me BUT right now 4g is about 2 miles from my house/office.

    W the android it was nice, didnt use it more then 1-2 times a week minimally but huge help when i needed tether on the road
  13. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    Before you go jumping at something you are not sure that you'll like... might I suggest an iPhone 4? You could pick one up for fairly cheap on Craigslist or eBay and try it out. Either way, you can throw it right back up on a site and get your money back. Not much difference in user experience between the 4 and 5 (yeah...faster I know...but same user experience)
  14. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

    Want the easiest music syncing ever?

    Upload all of your music to Google Music. Install the Google Music app on your phone. Then, any music you want on your phone, long press on the album/artist/song/playlist and press "keep offline." It'll download over wifi or cell data or whatever.

    Then, when you're done with that album/artist/song/playlist, long press and uncheck "keep offline." Music will be deleted and you can pin something else.

    I find that far easier than performing a sync, plus I can do it literally anywhere.

    Lastly, something to think about, I think one of the biggest problems I have with the iPhone is that I can't change the default handlers for anything. If you tap a URL, it launches Safari. If you tap a street address, it launches Apple Maps. If you tap an email address, it opens the default Mail app. You can't change it, so third party apps that you might like become much less useful.
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  15. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    Yes i miss certain things about the Android phone. That is the thing though Both platforms have different trade offs. There will be some things that you miss on Android (BinaryVisions touched on a couple) but there are some things you will like better on the I5. All in all i'm happy with what i currently have. I really just got tired of the clunkyness of Android and having to constantly keep up with rooting/romming in order for the phone to work like i needed it. Battery life on the I5 is insane, and i never have to turn 4G off, or wifi or any location services. Like i said there will be trade offs it really just comes down to what works best for you. Syncing with Itunes is obviously going to be easy but like Binary said if you have unlimited data the Google Music app is a good option as well.

    One of the selling points for me as well was i travel out of the country a lot. I was able to take my VZW I5 which comes UNLOCKED OUT OF THE BOX and buy a prepaid nano sim card in Germany and it worked like a champ. I plan on doing the same for my other trips as well.

    Also i got tired of carrying a brick in my pocket. The G Nex was pushing it for me in the size category. It just got to be uncomfortable to carry around. The new I5's are only glass on the front and then have a small piece of glass at the top and bottom on the back with most of the back being aluminum. I have an Incipio dual case on mine. It doesn't add as much bulk as an ugly Otterbox and i've dropped it once from about 5 feet onto concrete and no issues.
  16. nomarsgirl

    nomarsgirl Well-Known Member

    If you have the chance to trade for an I5 straight up for your S3, go for it. If you end up not liking it, you can always sell the I5 and get any phone you want.
  17. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    Agree with what the above said. I think the Iphones have the highest resale value of most smartphones so you could always sell it and get something else.
  18. bajaboy

    bajaboy Well-Known Member

    Came to the conclusion that... I dont like the S3. Trading it for the Iphone.

    My guess is I wont like the iphone all that much either and ill end up picking up a SGN. (found a mint one on CL for 250 asking price)

    If i dont like iphone and there is no jailbreak within a few weeks ill be back with the SGN.

    Wish the N4 was cdma. Really love how simple vanilla android is. Fast smooth and aesthetic.
  19. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    what is it that you're wanting from JailBreaking? Free Wifi Tether?

    other than syncing music what is your major complaints with your current device? I can tell you if it would be better or worse on the I5
  20. bajaboy

    bajaboy Well-Known Member

    Yes looking for wifi tether.

    Picked up the Iphone and well... Its going on craigslist tonight and I am excited to get back to the Galaxy Nexus.

    Live and learn.. One thing i did know is that i loved the SGN. and i wanted to try ios.
  21. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    wow. In all fairness you didn't really give it much time.
  22. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    Haha! I have done that myself with the iPhone. Looks so enticing until you turn it on and remember that it is just icon after icon :D

    My wife loves her iPad and hated her iPhone. She made up some BS reason she needed the iPhone instead of Android and then couldn't wait to get back to Android once she had the iPhone. She said that not having a back button was a deal breaker. iPad is okay though?...I don't know LOL!

    You never know how different products will sit with different people. Welcome back :)
  23. joesixpack

    joesixpack Well-Known Member

  24. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

  25. MsvSpaz

    MsvSpaz Member

    I have both a Gnex and Iphone 5. While I could ultimately be happy with either device, given the choice I would take the iPhone. The main reason is the battery life and customer service. If something goes wrong with the iPhone I can be in and out with a new/refurbished phone within an hour (including the drive to the Apple store). The after sales/warranty support here in Australia for any of the major Android manufacturers is nothing less than woeful. If you are extremely lucky you might have your device back within 2 weeks. My HTC One X took 6 weeks and came back as "could not fault", this repairer is the same one who does the majority of the Samsung warranty work here too. Luckily I managed to get them to replace the device for a new one, which I immediately sold.
    I love the Nexus, it is a really good device. It is way more enjoyable to tinker with and the extent to which you can modify the software is amazing, but it will always be my secondary device, while I still have the iPhone.
    If I could find an Android manufacturer who could offer me decent after sales support as well as a device that would easily last an entire day or two, then I would be all over it.
    It would also be good if my Alpine head unit could read the Nexus as a USB mass storage device. That really sucks.

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