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  1. ad30

    ad30 New Member

    Hi all

    Apologies if this has come up before -- I tried searching but couldn't see it.

    Is there a way to change where pop-up notifications appear on the screen?

    The main annoyance I have is when I press the home key in advance of unlocking my phone, which must wake the phone somehow in terms of wifi, and a notification pops up to tell me it's connected to my wifi network, but that gets in the way of me entering my passcode.

    A small thing, but if there's a way to change it I'd love to know.



  2. ninja636rider

    ninja636rider Well-Known Member

    I can remove those notices at Settings/WiFi page on my phone by unchecking the box at the top. Maybe yours has the same option?
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  3. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    yeah its under "advanced" on GT-i9300 :)
    cheers for that mate, it was a minor annoyance for me :)
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  4. ad30

    ad30 New Member

    thank you both. that does indeed work. the advanced options are on the option button when you're in the wifi settings menu.

    in an ideal world i'd maybe still like to be able to see the notification somewhere on screen, so if i'm trying to grab wifi on the london underground while passing through a station, i can see when it's connected (invariably when you're about to pull out of the station again of course). but this is trivial stuff i know.

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