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  1. bpurs001

    bpurs001 New Member

    My notification sound keeps resetting itself to the "Haze" sound. I am trying to set it to the "Bubbles" sound, but it keeps changing. I have tried setting it to other sounds and every time it goes back to "Haze". Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what is the solution?

  2. jeffwalker3959

    jeffwalker3959 Well-Known Member

    Do a factory reset for sure. If this doesn't work, I suggest taking it back to Verizon..:(
  3. bpurs001

    bpurs001 New Member

    What will this do to my phone? Will it delete all apps and things like that?
  4. dfgged

    dfgged Well-Known Member

    Yes, the apps and such.
  5. miguelmini67

    miguelmini67 New Member

    Hey. I'm new here so please help me out. I downloaded a Zedge app to customize tones etc..
    I used a particular tone for awhile. Then when I decided to change it, it kept resetting itself to the zedge downloaded one (Ferrari 360 Modena Start up)
    Now, whenever i receive a message, it just vibrates...that's just it. What do I do? It's less than a month old. My phones a Samsung Galaxy Mini. Is it possible to reset settings and how? (as much as possible of not getting apps music etc..deleted)
    I would appreciate any feedback or PM me. Thanks!

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