Okay, is this phone just fundamentally flawed? It screwed me again today!Support

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  1. Zarafia

    Zarafia Active Member

    Out of a $200 physical therapy appt. My phone said it was 2:35 when it was 3:00. And I had no reason to doubt it till I showed up too late for my appt! Then I went right to the Verizon store where they placatingly reset it for me. WTF? Can I really never trust this phone?
    Verizon store said that my Lookout app (a security app!) may well be to blame! That it causes "lots of problems". Really??!!!
    I am very upset and I don't know what to think.

  2. Keynith

    Keynith Well-Known Member

    I dont trust devices cuz of the chance of that happening.
  3. Zarafia

    Zarafia Active Member

    My old cellphones always used to keep super accurate time. I haven't relied on an actual clock in many years.
    Why is my "smart"phone so dratted dumb?
  4. Keynith

    Keynith Well-Known Member

    FYI don't go into the verizon store. They cant do anything. Their answer to any problem is factory reset or battery pull. We cud seriously replace their tech employees with Google.

    Try different clock apps off the market, ive had the same problem and its been reported in other threads. Ive been behind and hour before, for the whole day. Luckily it was sunday though.
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  5. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Although I am not familiar with your device, this intrigues me.
    Is there a setting on the phone, perhaps in the Time&Date settings, that will allow you to manually enter the time instead of Network provided values? Or vice-versa?
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  6. Zarafia

    Zarafia Active Member

    Sorry, I wrongly stated that my phone said it was 2:35 when it was 2:00. No, it was 3:00. My bad, and I've corrected my first post to reflect as such.
    I've never tried to enter a time. Besides the lock-screen which always spells the time out, I have two time-telling widgets, one with a basic digatal clock and one that shows time in England as well as the time here.
    I certainly wont be trusting any of them soon!
    One of the few things my paid "Andy" app can do is (supposedly) tell me what time it is in Leeds. I don't know if I can even trust that anymore.
    I'm really rather disgusted at the moment!
  7. Zarafia

    Zarafia Active Member

    Oh, I'll check :)
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  8. Zarafia

    Zarafia Active Member

    Nothing obvious, and there is no "Time&date" setting option that I can readilly see
  9. jhcii

    jhcii Well-Known Member

    The phone relies on the towers to "tell" it the correct time, If they are working on the towers or if there is a time change sometimes things go wonky... My Lucid has always shown the correct time even when I've been in area without coverage. I'd say you either got a lame duck one or they maybe working on the towers in your area.
  10. Keynith

    Keynith Well-Known Member

    I live by the border in SD and sometimes my Lucid decides its time to go to Mexico, so either i roam and pay charges, or i wait for it to come back.
  11. xxwhynotxx

    xxwhynotxx Well-Known Member

    Actually I have had both my clock app and my stock clock freeze. Said it was 645 when it was 720...

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