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Phone Freezes/Crashes with New UpdateSupport

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  1. PMcOuntry

    PMcOuntry Member

    I updated to 4.0.4 yesterday and ever since then my phone randomly freezes, goes to a black screen and I can't do anything. I have to push the power button several times to get back to the lock screen. Once I put in my "code" it says whatever app I was using as stopped working. This happens with apps I've had forever, not just newer ones. Sometimes it just randomly force closes apps. It's getting very, very annoying since I've never had any problems with my phone before. The phone will also randomly crash and shut down entirely and restart. Please help!

  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Sound like you may need to do a factory reset. Something may be stuck in the various caches.
  3. PMcOuntry

    PMcOuntry Member

    Not a factory reset! Nooooo! The weird thing is my phone was fine until directly after the update. I assumed they were connected. A factory reset means I'll lose everything, correct? Pictures, ringtones, music, etc.?
  4. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I hate recommending that myself. Let me figure out some backup utilities for you so you can save app data. Off the top of my head I'd go with SMS Backup+ which will backup all your SMS/MMS messages to your GMail account.
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  5. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    Before you do anything rash, try updating everything in the "System Updates" menu first. Another thing to do is try to kill off any possibly incompatible 3rd party (ie. not downloaded from Google) app, utility and/or hack that could be doing this. If you can stop the process and unload the code that's causing the freezes, then you can work on isolating the culprit and uninstalling it gracefully.

    If that fails, you might want to try deleting enough files from any questionable third party system stuff to keep them from launching in the first place. This can be hard on a running (or not running as the case may be) phone, but if you're lucky and the offender is installed on the microSD card, you can pull it out of the phone, mount it on a computer, copy the files to the computer to back them up and then delete them from the card, reinstall the card in the phone and boot the phone.

    I'm not a power user (yet) so I'm not the one to ask about the various startup modes, but someone who does know might be able to help. Any takers?
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  6. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    There may be some reserves coming in.
  7. silverpurnell

    silverpurnell New Member

    Mine is doing the EXACT same thing! I don't have any 3rd party/crappy apps loaded. Actually, I have hardly any apps. Facebook fails. A security app fails. Navigation fails. Even submitting a report of the failures fails. And this was all after the installation of the new Android software. Trying to do the System Updates fails.
  8. PMcOuntry

    PMcOuntry Member

    I found by turning the phone off and letting it rest for a bit, turning it back on, and doing this a few times over it seemed to sort it self out. It still crashes now and then and I get a black screen for about 30 seconds, but I think it's caused by a game I play (which was not installed before the update).
  9. rpleasanton

    rpleasanton New Member

    My s2 is doing many strange things that started right after the update to 4.0.4
    It locks up constantly and if i hit my power button several times to lock my phone, it is ok again after i enter my code. I keep getting an annoying error that says "gmail sign in failed" however i can access my gmail account. Many of my apps don't work anymore. Many times when linking to my car for hands free, the person on the other end can't hear me but i can hear them. There are several other things its doing now too but these are the ones that are most annoying.
  10. bencurt24

    bencurt24 Well-Known Member

    ICS update screwed up my phone so sprint gave me a new one and Its got gingerbread and thats where i'm keeping it until sprint automatically updates it.

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