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  1. steve12345

    steve12345 Member

    When at work I dont seem to get very good signal (Even though orange coverage map shows excellent signal in Central Chelmsford).
    The 3G symbol appears in the notification bar but only the up arrow will flash (As though it thinks there is a 3G signal, but it is not receiving any data, just transmitting it)

    If I turn the phone onto GSM only - Then it will connect with the G symbol showing - And I am able to use the mobile data connection fine, all be it at the slow speed.

    When I have the "GSM/WCDMA auto" setting on, should the phone not recognise that it is not getting a good 3G signal (By the lack of data coming in) and automatically switch to the g?

    - The HTC support people didn't seem to think so! So I though I would ask on here as it is a pain having to change to gsm only every day so that I can use my phone at my work.

    I am on Orange.


  2. justinbrett1975

    justinbrett1975 Active Member

    As far as I am aware if there is a weak 3G Signal this will over rule a strong 2G Signal, and the 3G will be used on your phone. There is wigets in the market which allow you to change from 2G to 3G really easy and with once click, and while I know this is not ideal, might just help you.
    Also you will find that Orange is good in some areas, and a T-mobile signal is good in other areas. If you go to the orange website you will be able to sign up to use both networks.
    If you then Manually select Orange TMobile instead of just Orange, you may find your problem is solved as you are selecting to use the TMobile Network, if it works keep the setting as it is, if it doesn't just select automatic network selection and you'll be back to were you was.

    Worth a Try though
  3. steve12345

    steve12345 Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    I noticed about the T-mobile / Orange team up on the web and excitedly signed up for it to later find out at the moment it is only calls / texts and not 3G data sharing. But hopefully 3G sharing will come in early next year.

    I will have a look for a widget like you suggest.

    I have also had a look and there is another option under the *#*#INFO#*#* then phone info and you can change the preference to "GSM auto (PRL)" which apparently make the phone only move to 3G signal if it is strong. - However I guess for me the signal is above that threshold as it just changes to 3G like when I have the WCDMA preferred or Auto setting enabled.

    Reading more forums it does seem as tho the orange 3G signal is poor. My desk neighbour is on 3 and has perfect signal no matter where he is in the building / town.
  4. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    I think orange 3G sucks. When i'm on 3G i cry because it means the chance of getting any mobile data usage is 50-50. G and H are fine, 3G is horrible.
  5. steve12345

    steve12345 Member

    I always thought Orange was good until you start reading the posts on their lack of 3G reception / Bandwidth in certain places. Hopefully when they share 3G with T Mobile it will resolve the issue.

    What I was hoping for was an app or setting that meant that my phone would recognise that even though it has a 3G signal, It is not able to use it to download any data (As I assume it is just to weak) and would switch down to G.

    There is an Add on for Locale (CM6 Auto Toggle 2G/3G) that allows you to switch between 3g and 2g depending on your location - which would work perfectly - but unfortunately you have to have your phone Modded to run a CyanogenMod ROM... Which unfortunately I don
  6. ianb11

    ianb11 Well-Known Member

    I concur with everything on this thread.

    3G on Orange is for the most part, pants.

    I have exactly the same situation as the OP, 3G is painfully slow (if it works at all) so I'm left with using either G or if I'm really lucky H.

    One of my colleagues has a Wildfire on O2 & gets perfect H all day every day.

    Hopefully the T Mobile signal on 3G next year might improve matters but I doubt it.

    I've not seen this before, what does it do?
  7. steve12345

    steve12345 Member

    Apparently GSM auto (PRL) raises the required signal strength threshold that the phone will switch to 3G.

    In other words if you have a poor 3G signal but a strong 2G signal it will favour the 2G signal. Where as WCDMA prefered will always try and move to a 3G connection, whatever the signal. - This is only what I have read from other forums. There are quite a few discussions on it just do a search for GSM auto (PRL) in google.

    Although from what I have found it makes no difference with my problem - The phone still moves to a 3G signal and then does nothing.

    I am going to leave my phone on GSM only during the week (As I am either at work (Where I get bad 3g signal) or at home with a wireless) and then change to WCDMA prefered at weekends or whenever I want to have a fast connection.

    I got a 2g/3g toggle app off the market but apparently they are unable to toggle the connection directly from your desktop and will only just provide a link to the Mobile Network Settings. From which you can quickly change the Network Mode. - So all is not lost.
  8. mi6-bond

    mi6-bond Well-Known Member

    guys im a complete noob to my new desire(but i love it)but those two little arrows nearly allways show the letter H,ive never even seen the 3G symbol yet,im with the three network uk,and when im on wifi it shows nothing(i guess thats cos its wifi data yes)it allso never displays the network im on,is that correct too.
  9. steve12345

    steve12345 Member

    I think H is the best (Faster than 3G) so if your phone always shows that then that is all good.

    The symbol should disapear when you log onto Wifi.

    No my phone does not show my network name either (Unlocked / Unbranded on Orange)
  10. mi6-bond

    mi6-bond Well-Known Member

    oh i see,thanks:) an sorry to highjack your thread,just thought i could squeeze that one in without having to create another thread.thanks again.
  11. Longfellow78

    Longfellow78 Well-Known Member

    I have this problem, and I can best explain it to you by posting the exchanges between myself and Orange customer services as below. sorry it's long, I had a rant! The bottom line is they are liars who will not help you. I suggest you wait it out and then leave when your contract expires and go to 3, who have the best 3g coverage.

    Dear Orange

    I have been with Orange for several years and upgraded to a Smartphone (HTC Desire) around a year ago. I live in Colchester (CO4 5EG) and Work in Chelmsford (CM1 1LX) and both of these areas (in Essex) have
  12. ianb11

    ianb11 Well-Known Member

    They've basically told me variety of things much the same as they've told you by the looks of it.

    They are deffo waiting for the share with T Mobile to go live & in the meantime we are left in the lurch.

    I don't have much choice but to wait cos my contract is less than 1 year old :mad:
  13. rfkiki

    rfkiki New Member

    The signal is not very good ,and slow line here in China.So....Speed ,Speed..

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