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Phone shuts down randomly without warningSupport

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  1. avopac

    avopac New Member

    My galaxy attain 4g started off doing a reboot on its own a few times a day. Now, it just shuts down completely without warning, doesn't matter how full my battery life is. I did a system restore, an update, a new battery, everything... and nothing works. I sent it in to Samsung, they told me they "replaced the component" and the very next day AFTER I got it back, it did the exact same thing. I'm stuck with this phone and I don't know what to do anymore, it dies on my randomly. I'm still under warranty but they don't even fix it when I send it in! Suggestions? Does anyone else have the same issue? Could this be a recall if there are others? Solutions anyone? Anything would help. Thanks!

  2. KageBeast

    KageBeast Well-Known Member

    That's weird. What do you mean a system restore?
  3. Woxx17

    Woxx17 Active Member

    Have you tried flashing The .tar again?
    Are you installing any native apps to your phone that seem suspicious?
  4. avopac

    avopac New Member

    Hi guys, thanks for responding. I just sent it in to Samsung a SECOND time, they returned it to me AGAIN with a paper saying the problem was "PHONE LOCKED." And a few hours after I activated it again, it did the exact same thing. @KageBeast system restore = restored back to factory settings (sorry I'm not very tech terminology savvy). @Woxx17 I don't know what a .tar is? And NO suspicious apps the first time I got my phone back... and NO apps AT ALL the second time. Thanks for responding guys, you're my only hope!
  5. Woxx17

    Woxx17 Active Member

    The .tar is a file, what I mean was if you rooted your phone? Or are you still completely stock?
    Sorry for the confusion :confused:
    Im actually stumped as well.
  6. KageBeast

    KageBeast Well-Known Member

    Well a factory reset only erases data and sets all setting back to default so it wouldn't help if you're having reboot issues. Did you change and system settings or anything prior to having this problem?
  7. zrooks16

    zrooks16 New Member

    Your battery isn't stable take the back off and remove the battery place a thin sheet of tissue under the battery and place the battery back and tape it in place. This worked for my phone and I have a Samsung galaxy admire. Do not put too much tape so u can put the back, back on.

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