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  1. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Hmm. I suppose it would be pretty simple to just not delete the savegame file if the player has the fountain of youth option turned on. Easy to implement, and as you say, it wouldn't make much of a difference gameplay wise. I'll definitely consider it.

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  2. odbod

    odbod Active Member

    What I find is that when I've been playing for a number of turns (probably 50+ as this game is so addictive!) there's two things likely to happen, although not necessarily both or at the same time.

    1. CPU utilisation stays high - my 2.1 Milestones physically becomes hot for a long period.
    2. When completing a turn, for example entering a port or moving location - where this would normally be pretty much instant, it can stop and take from 3-6 seconds to happen. This occurs for a few turns then returns to normal.

    Often quitting the game, re-loading and carrying on will avoid these for some time.

    Thanks for the latest update btw, more in the works please? :)
  3. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    I am currently on vacation, so I can't really do a lot about this right now (although if I can get a good internet connection at some point next week, I may be able to complete and upload version 1.2.4 - I found a few bugs just before I left).

    The behavior you describe could still be related to background widgets/services that are running. If the problem is in P&T, though, it sounds like some process is being orphaned and keeps running after leaving a view. If this is the case, I should be able to see the running objects if I play the game for a while and dump the memory heap, so I'll check that out when I get back. I've seen similar problems before (Admob - the ad provider had a big issue with this that I got them to fix), but perhaps a new bug has sneaked in somehow.

    Lots more, I hope. I'll be updating the game as long as it keeps being fun and I have the time to do so. At some point, other projects will mean I have to stop working on this, but that point is still some time distant.
  4. imadroid

    imadroid New Member

    Thanks for all the effort put into this game. Between it and Air Control I'm amazed I actually get any useful work done on my phone anymore. heh.
  5. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Version 1.2.4 is out and fixes a number of important bugs.
  6. odbod

    odbod Active Member

    Excellent! I downloaded this (yesterday/day prior?) from marketplace - I think you've rebalanced encounters quite a lot as I don't seem to be running into quite so many Spanish Trade Galleons. Woe is me!
  7. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Hmm... no rebalancing done, yet - probably just a lucky/unlucky streak.

    Regarding the battery issue, I am still looking into this. I have a few leads that I am looking into; hopefully I will figure out the cause of this soon.
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  8. elwray

    elwray Well-Known Member

    Thanks to this awesome game, I get nothing done at work, and at home I started playing Sid Meier's Pirates again on the computer, and my girlfriend is getting annoyed with me. lol

    Love the game!!
  9. odbod

    odbod Active Member

    There's a new update in the marketplace .. I feel duty bound to investigate the new stuff as soon as possible! :)
  10. xenole

    xenole Well-Known Member

    The latest update has been downloading for a couple of days now for me! Just does nothing and if I tried to cancel it, the market is forced closed.
  11. odbod

    odbod Active Member

    Sounds like you've got some software issues with either the Android market, or connectivity in general. Daft question, but some people forget that a smartphone is really a computer in a different case (with all the software issues) - have you restarted the 'phone and tried again? I downloaded the update first try along with a few other bits from the market.

    Unfortunately I won't get to play until this evening ...
  12. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    There were some problems with the upload of version 1.2.5, so I was eventually forced to make a new version (1.2.6). The new version downloads correctly.

    For your specific problem, try the following:
    Under Settings > Applications > Download Manager, "clear data".
    Under Settings > Applications > Market, "clear cache" and "clear data".

    This should reset your downloads and force the market to refetch information when you go in to view the game listing (so that you are sure to get 1.2.6).

    Note that there is also a problem with the game force closing for people who have upgraded to this version from versions prior to 1.2.3. This can be fixed by simple uninstalling/reinstalling the game (if you don't mind losing high scores/savegames). Otherwise, wait a day or two and I will have a fix for the problem.
  13. RawlingsSc

    RawlingsSc Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have a request that comes from some frustration I had last night. My ship was totally decked out, I had money stashed away, I was doing really well, better than I've ever done in the game. I came accross a pirate that I really should have been able to beat. I lost the battle and the game. All my progress gone. Would it be possible to add a way to have multiple saved games, and be able re-load a saved game if I get beat? If not, that's OK, but it does get frustrating when the dice conspire against you and there's no way to go back.

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  14. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Hi. Your suggestion has already been mentioned by corey above, where I also explain the issues involved (still waiting for OpenFeint to make the SDK public, so that I can evaluate whether to go for them or Scoreloop, unfortunately, so online scores are not yet ready).

    I have put the issue down for consideration and possible implementation in 1.3.0, which will be the next major upgrade of the game.

    Version 1.2.7 is out now, btw. This fixes the force close problem I mentioned above - this problem should only affect people who upgraded to 1.2.6 from a version prior to 1.2.3. If you already have 1.2.6, there is no need to upgrade to this version.
  15. RawlingsSc

    RawlingsSc Well-Known Member Contributor

    You know, I get a little frustrated with people who don't read the rest of the thread before making comments. :rolleyes: Guess I should practice what I preach.
  16. kathywc

    kathywc New Member

    I just wanted to say that I have the same battery issue. It gets really hot when I play for a while, and I've even killed the battery while playing while plugged in.

    I have an HTC Eris (which I believe is also known as the Desire C), and do use a task killer. I also try to keep all of the other battery draining things (wifi, gps, other random aps and widgets, etc) off. Generally speaking I'll have the phone stuff, clock, calendar and my email stuff running but that is about it. (I know that the email stuff is draining as well, but the phone is for work and the email access is the reason I got it.)

    At any rate, just wanted to say it's not just a one shot thing.

    Also-----GREAT GAME! I'm so addicted and have been since the first version

    kathy wc

    HTC Eris
    Firmware: 2.1
    Software: 2.37.605.4

  17. CriticalMass

    CriticalMass Well-Known Member

    A lot of pirates were sanctioned by different countries. these pirates were called "Privateers" They were given protection from, say France. To Pirate, say, British and Spanish vessels.

    In return for the protection, the government got a bit of the loot and got to see their enemy's navy and riches depleted.
  18. huntleth

    huntleth Well-Known Member

    Downloaded this yesterday and love it, one quick question though:

    I always choose British (patriot :D). When I attack another country's ship in British waters, I become wanted/notorious in them. If Britain is at war with say, Spain, can I attack spanish ships in British waters without consequence?

    Keep up the good work, and I'd really consider adding a 'Donate' version or something, definitely good enough to pay for.

    Edit - In the shipyard, I had a message about canvas sails saying they "increase the speed ration" - is this supposed to be rating?
  19. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    I'm still looking into the battery thing (I believe you guys - but since I cannot get my own phone to replicate the problem, it's difficult to identify the real cause :(). Currently, I am suspecting it may be related to the ads on the "new pirate" view, which uses a different library than the rest of the game, but I am pursuing a number of leads wrt this.

    Hmm... I wonder if one of you who has noted this problem could do a little experiment for me. Make sure that the process is removed from memory with Taskiller or similar, and start up the game without going through the "new pirate" view (i.e., start the game and continue an existing game). Do you still experience the problem with the battery getting very hot and battery draining? Finding out whether this is or is not the case would be a great help.

    There is no problem with you attacking a foreign ship in British waters. But nations will become angry if you attack their allies - e.g., the British will be unhappy if you attack Dutch ships, since Britain and the Dutch are allied at the start of the game.

    You can get information about current relations, etc., for a ship by tapping the picture in the encounter view (also in the status view, of course - accessed by tapping your own ship). Working on improving this so that the information is more readily and visibly accesible for a future version.

    The "speed ration" is a typo. :eek:

    If Google ever figures out to open the market for developers in other countries, I would certainly consider doing an ad-free paid version with a few extra perks. For now it's not possible, though.
  20. kathywc

    kathywc New Member

    I would be happy to look for the process. However, I have to admit I'm not all that familiar with how to do it.....

    I use Advanced Task Killer as my taskkiller. And, it doesn't seem to list individual processes. I can access the individual processes through Android System Info. So....what should I look for?
  21. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Just kill Pirates & Traders in ATK if you see it in your task list - that should be enough to ensure that it does not try to restart anything. Then just play the game via the Continue button as normal a couple of times to see if you get the high CPU usage/battery drain still.
  22. odbod

    odbod Active Member

    I took notice of your post regarding 'New pirate' and yesterday did as you'd suggested and then played on from a save. I didn't play as long as I have done in the past, but in 20-30 minutes did not experience the run-away CPU issue. I will try again tonight.
  23. ms_green

    ms_green New Member

    hi, the game looks really cool, but why does it need permission to read calls?
  24. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for asking.

    The permission is actually READ_PHONE_STATE (why Google decided that this should be identified as Phone Calls in the long description I don't know - and I hate it, because it is very misleading).

    What it does is provide Read Only access to the phone state. It is required to get the device id of the phone, which is used by some advertising networks for account/audit purposes - e.g., to prevent the same phone receiving the same ads repeatedly or to prevent fraud (your clicks = small earning for me. If one device suddenly started registering 100s of clicks, however, the ad networks would start becoming suspicious).

    I am currently discussing the new permissions with the ad network involved, but I think their need for this is understandable. I may decide to drop them anyway (it's not as if the earnings from ads is anything worth bragging about in any case), but for the moment I have upgraded the module as per their wishes.
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  25. kathywc

    kathywc New Member

    I gave it a try after playing a really long game which ended, I started another one. Used the taskkiller to kill it, then restarted it with the continue button. It didn't seem to make much difference to the battery life, but I did notice a distinct lagging in the play of the game and a periodic dimming and brightening of the screen. I've noticed this dimming and brightening before when the battery was running hot.

    I'll keep trying it and let you know what the results are.

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