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  1. xXKiiNGSXx

    xXKiiNGSXx Member

    I am doing a research paper for my college class and it is on consumer products, and I chose smartphones......I just had a few questions I need answered

    1. What do you like about your phone?

    2. What do you not like about your phone?

    3. Why did you decide to purchase the GS II?

  2. rebelranger1

    rebelranger1 Member

    1. It makes phone calls

    2. It is not free

    3. It was the one I wanted
  3. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    1. good voice quality plus added features that allow me to carry this device rather than three different ones.

    2. If the phone is powered down it will not turn itself on if an alarm is set, some devices such as Blackberry will.

    3. My old phone was dying, I don't replace handsets just to keep up with others, I only do it when needed and select what is best for me at that time.

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