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  1. aka40Cal

    aka40Cal New Member

    Hey, Im new to the site. I just received my new Backflip a few days ago. Im in Canada. Anywho, I was having some service trouble so I thought getting rid of apps I didnt need would help. I proceeded to delete the Gmail.APK, and everything associated with Google. Shortly after I realized I couldn't download any apps without my Gmail account being linked to my phone. Now, I can't back my Gmail apps or into the Android Market. Is there anyway around this? Please help ASAP

  2. j510

    j510 Well-Known Member

    Try searching for the gapps.apk file
  3. ChrisCowles

    ChrisCowles Active Member

    iam sorry but i have a crazy question.. how can i find out what kind of phone i have???

    I know i have an android motorola but i dont know what type........
  4. Lmorris96

    Lmorris96 Member

    If you go into settings>about it should have the model number of which you could google it .

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