Pre-rooted tablets: Polaroid, Emerson, D2

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  1. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    Big lots has a slew of cheap off brands. But don't let that stop the tinkering. From $60-139, you get a decent spec tablet that while cheap, flimsy, ain't half bad. These things run ICS and are for the most part rock, hard stable in my experience (bought some to play around with). The best part? They come, out of the box, pre-rooted, don't need superuser as an app, and even include overclocking kernels...the 4.3" Emerson tablet has the ability to go all the way past 1.4 GHz, despite the box claiming a paltry 1GHz as the max. If you get these, they appear rather decent, perfect for web browsing, e-reading, and some gaming. Just be sure to get a case. These things will not tolerate any abuse.

    Like a kindle fire, they have 512MB DDR 3 RAM. they bear Cortex-A8 CPUs. Some have the added bonus of a PowerVR GPU. Screens are a bit low-resolution, but not eye straining. I tested a 7" D2 Pad with Pinball Arcade, and while its no Nexus 7, I was impressed with the performance and rendering.

    A word of caution. These don't include Google Play. Instead they include an alternative called 1MobileMarket, which I found favorable to Play. It loads fast, on root the download and installs are one click, no more two to three clicks to download, buy, and accept permissions. No more Play glitching like failing to download or false insufficient storage errors after waiting for a long download. If your device doesn't have sufficient storage, downloads won't start. It also offers the ability to save the apk file after download. In my opinion its better, and I've since removed Play from my devices. However, for those of you who had purchased apps, you may want to use Play. I know of no way to flash the and have not tried a custom recovery and I'm not sure there is one. I believe the /system/app exploit may give you Play Store but have yet to test it. The amazon App Store and its purchased content will work and the D2 pad includes it. The Emerson, and Polaroid models give a download link via a windows phone style widget

  2. austineyoung

    austineyoung New Member

    I have gotten Google play and gapps on my Emerson tablet and I have beats audio installed on it .... And it can be over clocked on stock? And we need a recovery so I can start ROMs for it.... I'm a dev from xda and wanna work with this as a small project.
  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    A possible word of caution about 1Mobile Market. After doing a bit of digging, it looks like it's in China. Which means it wont be as well curated as Google Play or the Amazon app store. So be careful, it may well be harbouring malicious and pirated apps.
  4. austineyoung

    austineyoung New Member

    Well I have gapps on it plus beats audio on it. I also have full root permission so I roved all unneeded apps. I wanna start development on it but it has no kernel source... I have to find a device that has the same chipset so I can create a device tree and make cm10
  5. david1958

    david1958 New Member

    ...the 4.3" Emerson tablet has the ability to go all the way past 1.4 GHz, despite the box claiming a paltry 1GHz as the max.

    Do you know how to do this? I may have overlooked something.
  6. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    mine i just installed (you can sideload it too) CPU master Pro from either another tablet or get some other overclocking app from 1Mobile Market or Amazon Apps (both can run on it) and it should just let you in. since the entire filesystem is rooted there is no need to accept or dismiss a superuser prompt or install a SU app. it just goes in and gives you a list. i found that going above 1.4GHz (it goes to infinity all the way to 2GHz) will force close so you can only get a max of 1.4GHz from it.

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