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Problem syncing with FBSupport (Browse All)

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  1. TheHolyJubrail

    TheHolyJubrail New Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 31, 2010
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    I have an HTC Hero running 2.1.

    I've set the contacts in such a way that when I create a new contact it's a google contact.
    Then if the person i have added is also on my facebook account then i'll sync the contact in my phone to their facebook account so i can get their picture and updates.
    This is great, unless they have put their phone number on their facebook account.
    What happens then is that it replaces my local version of their number with their facebook version. Which in most cases has been wrong!

    Obviously I should go and tell my friends that they've put in the wrong phone number on their facebook account but I can't be arsed.
    So! Is there a way that I can have the "people" app only sync the picture etc and leave the phone number out?
    Oh and to make matters worse it sets the facebook version of the number as the primary number to call! this causes real issues as if I want to call that person, i have to go the their contact details, select edit so i can see the number I have entered and copy it to a new blank contact, save and THEN call them... This is a ridiculous process...

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.


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