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  1. tremendapela

    tremendapela New Member

    i just bought my cousins G1 phone off him and he said he got the phone unlocked and ever since i had it i would have to Master Reset the phone so it can work again is there anything i can do to it so this wont happen

  2. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member

    Gonna need some more info. What version software is it running? Is it rooted or stock? And what happens that makes you have to master reset?
  3. tremendapela

    tremendapela New Member

    im running the 1.5 version and i dont really kno if its rooted or stock cause my cousin went to the army...while im using the phone sometimes the word android pops up and it stays on the screen for a few minutes and it disconnects my call and i wont have service till i master reset the phone and i wont be able to do anything cause it will just kick me right back to the main screen

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