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    Apr 16, 2013
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    As a school project, I started working on a little experimental, abstract racing android game. I want to make this game accordingly to what players really want to have in there, so I decided to realease an Early Beta of this project. It's obviously completely free and everyone can participate and share his opinion through the feedback form.

    Everything you need to get your beta and to provide your feedback can be found at T-Racer >> A brand new game for your Android device

    Just keep in mind that it's early beta, not polished product yet and it lacks many features I plan it to have (bonuses, gravities, online highscore etc). I just need to get some input from you to make this game the best it can be. Hope you'll like it and mainly that you will complete the feedback form to tell me, what would you want this game to be! Have a great day, LadTy

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    I moved this to the Alpha & Beta Testing forum so folks seeing it wouldn't be expecting a finished product and filling your thread useless feedback.:)
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