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Razr Maxx doesn't charge when 'charging' from computerSupport

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  1. mikethewalrus

    mikethewalrus Member

    Just got a fresh-out-the-box Razr Maxx. Fully charged it then ran it dry (~5 hours of unbelievably heavy usage...very happy so far).

    At about 5%, I plugged it into my USB charger on my computer (using the charger that came with the Razr). The phone said it was "charging", so I started transferring old pics, etc over and it died on me.

    I put it into the wall outlet and charged it up to 10%. From there, I moved it back to charging from the computer, and again it said it was charging. Within a half hour, it was down to 5%.

    I understand that charging from a computer is significantly slower, but is it possible that my phone was actually taking significantly more power to run than the recharge rate? If so, is there any way I can avoid this (the 2nd time, I turned off GPS and turned on WiFi so it wouldn't run 4g)

    Thoughts? Love the phone so far...

  2. emburybrett

    emburybrett Well-Known Member

    It is the same with my computer i cant get it the charge with the usb so i just use the wall plug.
  3. harperjj04

    harperjj04 Member

    I had the same problem when I got mine a month or so ago. Had to do a factory reset on it. It wouldn't charge on my old htc chargers either. Battery life was significantly improved after doing this also. I highly recommend it.
  4. mikethewalrus

    mikethewalrus Member

    Did it fix the issue?

    I don't want to make a huge issue of it, but it could, potentially be a big problem, seeing as I charge off my computer in my office. I COULD plug it into the wall, but since the cord is like less than 2 feet long, it wouldn't reach my desk.
  5. ty shoes

    ty shoes Active Member

    I have no problem charging off my computer, using my original Droid wire.
    Did you select "charge only" from the menu when it was plugged in ?
  6. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    Is it plugged directly into the USB port, or is it on a hub with other devices? If it's in a hub, it's only getting a portion of the available current. Try plugging directly into the port.
  7. mikethewalrus

    mikethewalrus Member

    Thanks, all, for the suggestions. Unfortunately, it IS plugged into the USB directly, not to a hub.

    I also tried selecting "Charge Only", thinking that it might make a difference, but it did not.

    It still drains and, it appears, at a regular rate despite it saying it's charging.

    Hate to be the "OMG ITS DEFECTIVE" guy, but is it just me?
  8. pseudoveritas

    pseudoveritas Member

    No its not just you. I'm in the same position my phone doesn't charge from the computer. It goes down VERY SLOWLY. Just make sure it is fully charged in the mornings I guess.

    Also I tried a factory reset because my battery life wasn't that great and it had absolutely no effect. I think I may return it.
  9. mikethewalrus

    mikethewalrus Member

    I'm hoping ICS update will fix this, but am skeptical.

    Is this problem documented anywhere else except for here?
  10. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    It's probably not one specific problem. The phone is using more power than it is taking in from the usb cable. You can use an app like System Panel (from the Market [err, Google Play store]), to see if anything is running that might be killing the battery.
    One option is to buy a longer cable so you can charge from a wall charger (while you're at it you can buy a second charger).
  11. pcriz

    pcriz Well-Known Member

    There is nothing wrong with you guys phones, it's the new way in which moto designs their batteries. Without getting all technical because I would screw it up, moto changed the inner working of the batteries so they have a higher capacity with a smaller size.

    Part of this change requires moto batteries to charge at a slightly power input, hence this is why some people are seeing issues with chargers from different manufacturers, and also charging from USB.

    This isnt new to the RAZR, it actually started with the DROID Bionic.
  12. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    Have a reference for that, because as best I remember the Razr Charger is a standard 5v, 1a microusb charger.
  13. mikethewalrus

    mikethewalrus Member

    The longer cable solves MY problem but (a) it doesn't solve THE problem and (b) with all this talk of making sure you have the correct charger for the MAXX, I'd be hesitant of buying any 3rd party charging accessory.
  14. pcriz

    pcriz Well-Known Member

    I was mistaken about the voltage, I had my brain twisted around the 4.8 optimal voltage that moto is using now which as you stated is using the same standard charger. It appears (at least on the Bionic) the issue was addressed in a Buglisting as not an Issue, assuming because it is engineered that way.

    “Official” DROID Bionic Bug List: Fix Coming in November, Incapable of 8-device Hotspot, 4G/3G Issues and More – Droid Life
  15. smurfe

    smurfe Well-Known Member

    Mine won't charge from the USB port in my MacBook Pro but it will charge from the USB port in the dock for my Panasonic Tough Book in the vehicle at work. It charges slow though but it will charge. With the charger from my Dinc, sometimes it will charge, sometimes it won't. Also, I noticed on mine that with the Maxx charger, if I plug the cable in the bottom USB slot on the charger, the phone won't charge, but if the cable is in the top slot, it charges just fine. Really weird.
  16. ffemtopy

    ffemtopy Member

    Here lies the issue. A USB cord attached to the computer has a maxium output of 450-500mah. Usually less due to your computer motherboard regulating power. Your wall charger runs at 750-850mah. If you want to see your current usage mah vs how much you are recieving from the charger download Battery Monitor Widget. If you are transferring large amounts of data and tethering to your computer on 4g you will have a negative mah. Your using about 600-900mah on 4G while dling and tethering.
  17. mpw

    mpw Well-Known Member

  18. harperjj04

    harperjj04 Member

    Yes. This solved my problem completely. I would highly recommend as it's easy to do. You have to reinstall everything but the phone is fast enough that this isn't pain in the rear like it used to be.
  19. gmk

    gmk Member

    Razr Maxx noob here, I used the USB cable that came with the wall charger and plugged it into my PC, I went from 80 - 100% in about an hour and 1/2. The phone wasn't being used but it was on. A dialog box popped up on the phone, somewhere in the connection process, that had a check box for PC charging only.
  20. aztexan512

    aztexan512 New Member

    Am I understanding correctly that while connected via USB to a computer that the Maxx does not charge at 100% capacity, even if shows on the screen that it is charging?
  21. pvd504

    pvd504 Active Member

    If you look at the wattage on the charging box is it significantly higher then any other charger you have. Since the Razr Maxx has a bigger battery, it requires more wattage. My simple test of how much more it is, is that I was using wireless tether and it was plugged into my computer and the battery is charging but not with enough wattage so it is consuming more energy then it is receiving. It actually died one time when I had it plugged into my computer. While it is plugged into the wall, with the maxx charging unit that came with it, it does not lose power but actually charges. The point is, is that if you are not using that end then it is not getting enough power to properly charge your phone. Oh, and I would not use that box on other phones, mostly non smart phones. The wattage may be to high to handle. I hope this helped.

    I just saw someone say their cord is not long enough. As long as you are using that box that plugs into the wall you can swap cables. I also did not like how the cord was so short, so I used my previous phone cord. The actual cord does not matter, it's the box that gives you the charge so swap them away!
  22. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    Please stop saying Wattage. It's giving me a headache. You want to talk about Current. Since USB operates on a fixed Voltage, the power that the phone draws is directly proportional to the current.

    The Current output of the razr charger (0.75 A) is actually Less than the typical charger (1A). More so since the Razr has 2 slots (so only 0.375 A per slot).

    Don't worry about excessive current (or power/wattage). Since again they work at a set voltage, the phone will only draw so much current from the charger (up to the maximum of the charger). The charger could say 3A, and the phone would only draw 1A (Not 100% sure what the actual draw for the phone is, but 1A is pretty standard).

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