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    i recently bought a nexus one off of ebay and it came unlocked and rooted w superboot. what do i need to do to make this unrooted bc i can not get my phone to update to froyo.i have already wiped and restored to factory settings and still no luck. do i need to delete superboot and other files in my file manager. what do i need to do so its just like i recieved a brand new nexus one from google themselves. i am also on att 3g version if that helps. thanks

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  3. You didn't say if it has a rom other than the standard 2.1 ROM. A rooted phone with the stock rom will still get the OTA update (mine did yesterday)

    Rooting the phone involves two things, unlocking the bootloader (which can't be reversed) and installing superboot which actually roots the phone. Neither one of these stops the phone from updating.

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