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RIP One X+General

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  1. bigoldthor

    bigoldthor Member

    Long story short: Bluetooth sound (on my end, the listening end, not the other end) sounded terrible. Took it back to AT&T today. They tried:

    1. My phone
    2. Another new phone
    3. The phone on display
    4. Tried all the phones with my Plantronics Voyager Pro HD
    5. Tried all the phones with my Plantronics Savor M1100
    6. Tried all the phones with a new Motorola BT headset from the store
    7. Tried all the phones with a different new BT headset from the store
    8. Tried all the phones with a Jawbone BT boombox speaker from the store

    The sales person and the store manager both confirmed the terrible sound on the BT receiver of *all three devices*. This could be a major design or manufacturing flaw on the HOX+, unless this particular store just got a bad batch of them.

    Sadly, I had no choice but to turn it back in. I swapped it out for the Galaxy Note II. It cost me $100 more, and the screen isn't quite as bright/white, but it's very smooth and pretty damn cool. I've had very good luck with Samsung in the past. I have really big hands too, so after a few days, I'm sure it will feel normal.

    It's really too bad. I LOVED the look and feel of the HOX+. Oh well.

  2. Dazrin

    Dazrin Member

    I am having the same issue on my BT (Motorola H17) it sounded great on my old phone (Samsung Galaxy S), but really muddy/distorted on the OneX+.

    I may try to do the same.
  3. cleave34

    cleave34 Member

    I had the same BT issue with Plantronics Voyager Pro+, but the BlueAnt Q2 works flawlessly. I just don't like the feel of this one so will be trying others. Wonder if the issue is the version of BT?
  4. Dazrin

    Dazrin Member

    Well, I took my One X+ back today, it was day 14 for returns. My experience was similar to yours, tried my BT on my phone and their display phone and they heard the issue. They tried a couple others BT devices (one Motorola w/ NFC pairing which he thought might help) and another, but is didn't work so they gave me a full refund and reversed my contract so I can upgrade again here soon.

    I did not get a replacement since I want to stay with Android and the GS3 feels like a toy to me, the Note 2 is just huge and I didn't like the Optimus G. I wish the HTC One VX was a little more powerful, it felt really nice and I like the smaller screen, plus it has microSD expandability, but it is missing other nice features. Oh well.

    I considered a Windows Phone 8 device and I like the feel of the HTC Windows Phone 8X, but overall didn't like it enough. The camera on the Lumia 920 is awesome, but the phone itself is not a pleasure to hold which is important.

    If they don't have an update for the BT in a month or two I will get something different, but right now I want to get another One X+.
  5. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    What about Nexus 4?
  6. Dazrin

    Dazrin Member

    I am in an LTE area, so didn't really consider it. I am only considering LTE at this time.
  7. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Yea I feel ya...

    However I decided to give T-Mobile a try and see how HSPA+ works on it!
  8. FormerBBfan

    FormerBBfan New Member

    I have the same problem with my OneX+ BT over in my car (VolvoS60) sounds horrible on my listening end. Called HTC several times to get some acknowledgment of the problem and if their developers are working on a firmware fix. Long story short, nothing. They simply said that the problem is the my car and not anything to do with the device. I pointed out that almost every online forum is pointing out the POOR quality of BT over almost every major BT headset manufacturer and over a variety of cars. Its a shame, becuase I like everything else about this phone and the Sense UI. I really dont want to have to go to a SGS3. Isn't this this their Flagship Phone Model on ATT ?
  9. AnnonUSA

    AnnonUSA New Member

    Yeah, I can confirm this as well. A Jabra headset and a Moto-Car Speaker sound pretty bad. Volume must be kept low. The quality is not just bad, it is BAD as in unusable.

    I will not send the phone back however. This thing is fast as hell for everything, and it works perfectly. Finally Android running a smoothly as IOS.

    Note: my prior phone was an HTC Inspire, and it sounded great on BT but it had continuous and worsening connection issues with BT devices in general. Requiring a Reboot at times that took up to 22 Minutes.

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