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  1. rukin5197

    rukin5197 Well-Known Member

    Ladies and Gentlemen..... I Present to you AOKP A MUST TRY ROM


    Mod Type:: ROM
    Difficulty:: Easy
    Mod Base:: AOSP
    Mod Status:: Kang
    Apply In:: Alt. Recovery
    Carrier:: Virgin Mobile
    Optional:: Custom Settings
    Requires Root:: Yes
    Optional:: Requires GApps
    Android Version:: 4.0.4 (ICS)
    Source:: http://github.com/aokp

    1. Make sure you're on the latest CWM


    3. wipe data/factory reset in recovery

    4. flash ROM

    5. flash Gapps

    6. reboot
    Think of builds as "nightlies." They are the latest and greatest, but they may contain bugs.
    Gapps- http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip


    We spend countless of hours doing this for next to nothing. Posts, views, and donations encourage me, and everyone else who helps out.
    Donate to me
    Donate to mantera
    Donate to Whyzor
    And everyone else I forgot...

    Every donation is cherished and loved.

    If you'd like to help contribute by writing code, feel free to stop by IRC and talk to us!
    Check out the ROM source on github. Open source, in the spirit of community kangage.

    If you'd like to help with AOKP, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to get as many developers in on this as possible!

    --Camera is still not working.
    --HDMI isn't working like usual
    --Wireless tethering isn't an option
    --I'm sure you guys will find the rest.


  2. rukin5197

    rukin5197 Well-Known Member

    Build 38

    AOKP Changes
    • reverted tablet nav bar button padding change (back to stock ics padding now)
    • fix SMS/BT crash bug when no msgs exist
    • reworked lockscreen music layout to be cleaner
    • fix ugly gradient on dark holo background
    • added AOKP Tips widget
    • added statusbar autohide for tablets (for apps that need full screen)
    • added support for more lockscreen targets (2-8 options, your choice)
    • cleaned up octo lockscreen layout
    • fixed certain FCs with RC related to weather
    • Mms: fixed stripping certain Polish characters
    • decreased size of custom lockscreen apps to match other icons
    • statusbar brightness enabled by default after you wipe (sliding thumb across statusbar to change brightness)
    • added statusbar notification counter (RC > Statusbar General > Notification Counter)
    • new AOKP boot animation from @rascarlo
    • Out of range Bluetooth devices won't show up anymore in Settings
    • Browser: added option to close all other tabs (besides current)
    • Fixed data toggle
    • Removed requirement to reboot when toggling keyboard switcher (IME switcher) in statusbar
    • added nav bar widgets (to enable, go to nav bar settings > add toggle widgets as one of your nav bar actions/ long press actions, then add widgets -- be sure to add at least 2 for best experience)
    • as always, tons of fixes for devices and other backend fixes!

    Personal Changes
    • Accidentally left out DSPManager. Will be in next build
    • Got rid of GooManager, went with RomKeeper instead (Thanks tdm!)(More info on it below)
    • Kernel update to latest by mantera
    • Many other small updates that you can see here

    About RomKeeper apk
    This is an awesome apk created by a dev named tdm (or tdmcode)
    It has the ability to look online for the newest updates and notifies you when you have some automagically.
    The UI is a little crappy, but you don't really need that much of a UI right now

    Best part about it is that it can download a delta of the previous rom and the newest one and basically get the difference between them two. That way, you're only flashing a ~50mb file instead of a ~120mb file. AWESOME!
    Also, you can just press "install" and it will install it for you in recovery.

    Instructions on updating to newest version via RomKeeper
    1. Go into the app
    2. Look for a new update if there is one
    3. Click on that version
    4. Check out the info
    5. Press menu>fetch
    6. It will download the ROM (Or .delta)
    7. Wait until it says 100%
    8. Press menu>Install
    9. It will boot into recovery and install it for you and reboot into system. Just like that.
  3. MediocreBadGuy

    MediocreBadGuy Well-Known Member

  4. FrenchToast

    FrenchToast Well-Known Member

    Bravo *Slowly Claps*
  5. jarjar124

    jarjar124 Well-Known Member

    wow great job....but the ril just kills the mood >.<
  6. rukin5197

    rukin5197 Well-Known Member

    First ROM in about 8 hours.. good enough? :D
    Hold your applause, I'm far from finished
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  7. rukin5197

    rukin5197 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know. Don't worry, I'll fix it very soon :D
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  8. Tokens210

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  9. xploPR

    xploPR Well-Known Member Contributor

    Already subscribe to the thread, will follow closely :D
  10. JTAKER

    JTAKER Well-Known Member

    Awesome. Can't wait for this to get rolling. ^_^
  11. tylrdoan

    tylrdoan New Member

    looks very promising. i am very excited for this ROM. :D looks like we will be getting a dedicated 4.0 rom coming (no disrespect to the other ones)
  12. hitmentip

    hitmentip Well-Known Member

    Does the camera work In this Rom ? Sorry i kind of dont keep up with ICS ROMs now.
  13. skarni

    skarni Well-Known Member

    Under bugs in the first post it says "Camera is still not working."
  14. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

  15. Twizted6789

    Twizted6789 Well-Known Member

    Hey my calling outgoing and incoming work but text messaging is screwed up just thought I'd let u know
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  16. d4rom

    d4rom Member

    Another rom for the triumph... wow...this is exciting.
  17. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    Can't wait!

    Love all the features on this and it's really snappy.
  18. taha1112

    taha1112 Well-Known Member

    Nothing like waking up because of an earth quake and then finding a new rom for my triumph :D , btw Ganon, can you give AOSP ICS (non CM9) a try?
  19. rukin5197

    rukin5197 Well-Known Member

    Already on it.
  20. taha1112

    taha1112 Well-Known Member

  21. Twizted6789

    Twizted6789 Well-Known Member

    How hard would it be to fix text messaging I've been using this since u released it and loving it just need the texting and I'm good

    Also headphones don't work

    Any progress on messaging ?
  22. clintkev251

    clintkev251 Well-Known Member

    looks really nice so far, I've always been jealous of my friends aokp on his droid 3, so its great that we finally have it for the triumph, going to keep it on even though there is no ril... thanks so much
  23. reddeaddorito

    reddeaddorito Well-Known Member

    What's the diff between this a CM9? Other than the customizable clock?
  24. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    Not sure if it's in CM9 but I noticed there was a power saver mode that works like Juice Defender and turns off your radio when screen is off.
  25. rukin5197

    rukin5197 Well-Known Member

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