[ROM]Stock 2.3.4, Sense 2.1[Rooted][Apps2sd][MetroPCS]- Only for marvelc

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  1. chicle

    chicle Well-Known Member

    I tried but it would boot and freeze. Could not flash a rom either.

  2. insink71

    insink71 Well-Known Member

    I did find out the newer bootloader allows images except radio.img to be flashed... As this ROM doesn't contain radio.img, I don't know why you would not be able to flash it. Sounds like another case of trying to flash the wrong ROM though and then coming back. Ref note at bottom of OP.
  3. Vyrus69

    Vyrus69 Well-Known Member

    Just an update on this, so I installed the ROM on my wife's wildfire, partitioned SD card and moved Dalvik and apps to SD, installed Links2SD as well, did the same, opens up a ton of space on the phone...I also installed the above mentioned kernel for the phone as well and have it overclocked to 786, however the phone has an issue on wake, it takes a little while to get going and there is always a lag when the phone wakes up. Don't know if its a phone issue or a ROM/Kernel issue, but when you wake the phone up, unlock the screen, it takes a couple of seconds before you can click on anything, and if you tried to click on anything it then tries to catch up.
  4. insink71

    insink71 Well-Known Member

    Sadly, this can be fairly commonplace with our device. I would recommend a good memory manager on a balanced setting. Like Juwe11 over on xda has an apk on market called Ram Manager. That's what I use, but also highly recommended is the V6 Supercharger script. It has to mount the SD and load what it can to ram and the stock does take a few seconds for that. Hope that helps.

    Edit: Just read an article about a Samsung device having similar issue. Their solution/fix came through kernel development which makes sense; kernel controls voltages and various sundries. The above recommendation won't solve your challenge but will make for smoother scrolling and animations so I'll leave it. I wish we had marvelc source but the oc kernel is euro built for marvelc through toolchain. It works but I'd love to gander HTC's stock settings for kernel on our devices (specifically); for that I must wait.

  5. Lucky0311

    Lucky0311 Member

    Got the HTC Wildfire S (Android 2.3.4 HTCSense 2.1) on Black Friday and my Exchange 2003 account connected swimmingly -- no problems. The guys just migrated everything over to Exchange 2010 and now I keep getting the recurring message; "Your exchange server requires that you enable security policies to continue synchronizing. Would you like to continue?" Neither OK nor CANCEL does any good. Now these guys are trying to tell me that only MY phone is having this trouble and it's something on MY phone. I have another Exchange 2010 account with another organization and it works just fine with that. So, please somebody give me a hint what to do here.

    Thank you.

  6. insink71

    insink71 Well-Known Member

    I don't support this product; however a 3 sec Google search gave me some good info.

    Android 2.2 and ActiveSync policies – a complete guide what works | Sysadmin Lab

    Give that to your network guru. He'll set up the security policy (usually done on server) and you should be swimming again. Not the phone if it worked on previous product ;) That's BS... What they are really saying is we don't have time to look at the issue and you're the only one to catch it so far... My bet 30 days.. they will be firestormed with same issue. Then it will all the sudden magically start working. Push the issue if you're a small biz with not a lot of Android users. Good luck.

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  7. Dodger420

    Dodger420 Member

    i have a Htc Wildfire S for metropcs usa. i am new to this so sorry if i sound dumb.

    i have recently rooted my phone and put a custom ROM/Kernel on it, stupidly i didnt not know about backing up my data. i installed a rom that worked great but i wasnt able to acces internet or send/recieve messages. i was able to call and recieve calls though.
    so i did a factory reset and now im stuck in both boot and recovery mode not being able to acces my regular home screen :(...what do i do if you or someone can please help me with a step by step guide. i am really lost and i just got the phone,
  8. insink71

    insink71 Well-Known Member

    Ok. Here's what you do:
    I am going to assume the phone boots to what is known as hboot.

    First, you read up on fastboot commands; always good knowledge. Link to start you here:
    You will need workstation, android sdk installed, usb cable and phone (of course), and aforementioned knowledge.
    Alternatively, but not quite as thorough, download a good recovery like the one found here:
    Ok.. so you either want to:
    fastboot erase ...
    system, userdata, cache and boot
    To get recovery to the root of your sd use adb:
    adb push (whereitis) (whereyouwantit... ie /sdcard/PG76IMG.zip)
    or use cwm to mount and format pretty much same (if you choose that route).
    Now, you are clean... don't flash w/o reading that the rom is for your device.. This one still only one I know of, but development is acoming.
    Mainly although it's not something you might choose to wipe between every rom install, in this case, and for anyone that's accidently flashed gsm, you need to wipe your boot partition now... It's what I like to call wobbled.

    Ok so we're clean... Download the rom in OP and rename it update.zip; use the aforementioned adb push to put it on the root of your sd card. Also, may want to move that recovery to a subfolder (so you can get by hboot's startup). Now you can flash the update.zip in recovery as normal. Everything should be golden. Hope that helps.

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  9. Dodger420

    Dodger420 Member

    ok i downloaded adb now what do i put the ADB folders in the root of my sd card along with the PG76img file? and install them threw recovery on my phone?
  10. Dodger420

    Dodger420 Member

    that link was for MARVEL...dont know if itll work? my phone info below...

  11. Dodger420

    Dodger420 Member

    said installation aborted when i tryd installing the recover form the sd card threw recovery
  12. Dodger420

    Dodger420 Member

    forgot to put that i am
  13. Dodger420

    Dodger420 Member

  14. insink71

    insink71 Well-Known Member

    I believe I know what recovery you have. I tested it and prefer alquez's to it, but you have to flash PG76IMG.zip in hboot not recovery. It works well on both marvel & marvelc as our partition memory addresses are the same. If you read the whole thread (of recovery or at least the last page or so. You will see a lot or marvelc users saying good things of his recovery. If I recall correctly, if you accidently hit [[Go Back a Page]] on the from the initial page, you get left in nowheresville and have to do a battery pull.. the didn't have any challenges.

    On the initial question, no you don't copy adb to phone. You may have to navigate to the folder that has adb in it (in terminal/dos) or add that folder to your system path but not your phone.

    The kernel does oc (or not) if you want over 600 mhz. There is a newer thread on xda where jzm.. has built an oc kernel for marvelc, theres mindhexer's mentioned previously in this thread...read their threads and pick one that suits you. This rom has stock kernel so its just 600.

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  15. Dodger420

    Dodger420 Member

    how do i flash in HBOOT? i was only able to do it in recovery...itll load go to the white HTC screen and thats it wont turn on still
  16. Dodger420

    Dodger420 Member

    when i installed it it said E:Missing bitmap icon_firmware_install
  17. Duir

    Duir Active Member

    I'm unable to install the FOTA that HTC/MetroPCS sent last week. Would it be possible for an updated or alternate version of this ROM with the FOTA updates included?

    I can provide a link to the update files if needed.

    I did update the radio files with the ones included in the FOTA, but was hesitant to update hboot (since mine is unlocked).
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  18. insink71

    insink71 Well-Known Member

    FOTA updates are always nice to peep :) and I don't have a MetroPCS phone to pull them from; so yes, I'd love a link.

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  19. insink71

    insink71 Well-Known Member

    Flashing in hboot is for PG76IMG.zip only... like alquez's recovery... if you have a working recovery you're happy with all you need is below.

    Do the following in recovery:

    wipe data/factory reset;
    wipe cache partition;
    mounts and storage > mount /data, mount /system, mount /sd-ext, format /boot, format /cache, format /data, format /system, format /sd-ext;
    advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache
    That is as clean as you can get with recovery alone, no fastboot, nothing complicated (Your wiping things two different ways in some cases, but that's ok)...
    Now install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard
    and install my rom (if your MetroPCS)... that should fix you up.

    #1 Rule... Don't Panic :)

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  20. Dodger420

    Dodger420 Member

    thanks ROB ima try it out now....
    im trying not to panic just want my phone working again
  21. Dodger420

    Dodger420 Member

    it worked ROB! thank you! your a lifesaver....hahah this might be a dumb idea but i want to put a custom kerenl on it now to make it fast.. should and and if yes which one should i use...and do i have to back up anything?
  22. insink71

    insink71 Well-Known Member

    Well there are two overclocking kernels to choose from. I've recommended and linked Mindh4x8r's of xda for quite some time. Jmz has also made one and his is a bit easier to find. If you read the fastboot stuff a couple posts up. You can open this rom up and extract boot.img then if you don't like the kernel, you can use:
    fastboot flash /boot boot.img That is the kernel and ramdisk; so it will set you back to the stock one. Perhaps I'll put the 3 carriers' stock kernels in a quick and easy flashable zip this weekend.. but that's only if I can find time. Working on CM7 with simon.

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  23. Dodger420

    Dodger420 Member

    how do i download the kernel to my phone? do i save it to root of my sd and install threw sd card in recovery?
  24. insink71

    insink71 Well-Known Member

    Both of the aforementioned kernels you can find on XDA threads... You just click their appropriate download link(s). Both require nothing more than flashing in recovery (don't need to wipe anything this time). If you are interested in overclocking, I would advise getting antutu (free) or some other cpu controller apk from the market as well. I personally run no higher than 780 (768 currently). It is basic rule-of-thumb; oc can be pushed 1.3x recommended setting. Running up in 800 range may lead to overheating, and shotened cpu lifespan. But those are just words of wisdom for you to consider.

  25. Dodger420

    Dodger420 Member

    it worked thanks....also sorry for all the questions just wanna know all about my phone and tricks u know....

    how can i set it to get better reception...i heard downloading a new radio would that work since i have metropcs

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