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[ROM] UD 2.5.0 Ready For Download

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  1. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!! VIP Member

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  2. Tugdaturtle

    Tugdaturtle Well-Known Member

    Alright thanks for you advice :) Well i downloaded the New 2.5.0 as you suggested and it flashed smoothly . Well i still have the same problem .

    Problem 1 : So far the Dock bar has not disapperd on me yet but i will keep testing to find out if it will disappear on me .

    Problem 2: The Led notification light still stays on when i turn off the screen but i will re install the Rom with a wipe instead of a flash and i will let you know if it works or not .

    well thanks for the help so far that you have helped me out .

  3. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Just saw the tweet. Downloading now!
  4. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

  5. Tugdaturtle

    Tugdaturtle Well-Known Member

    Still did not work. the led light just stays on and blinks Green and i can not find any were in any menu to turn it off . I mean i Don't want it off because it lets me know if i have a message or ect but to stay on constantly with now message or anything is annoying and it runs the battery out slowly
  6. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    I can't get my LEDs to work at all. :confused:
  7. krouget

    krouget Well-Known Member

    Is this is a known issue with UD?

    I ask because swiping upwards on the dock bar, hides the dock (leaves a black shadow, actually, which may not be visible on black backgrounds). I've made the mistake of doing this a few times, prior to knowing, and wondered where the dock bar went, before realizing it was my doing. Swiping downward on the dock returns the icons.
  8. Punz203

    Punz203 Active Member

    Dam it I can't load my rom! using rom manager.... Phone reboots and starts up regular. What am I doing wrong? currently using UD.
  9. twistedlim

    twistedlim Well-Known Member

    I had the usual problems loading up the market, but used tibu to bring everything back except facebook. Could not bring it back and it would not install from the market. Back to vanilla.
  10. empyreandance

    empyreandance Well-Known Member

    There's been some problem with that method in the last few releases of UD. Boot into recovery and install it there:

    1. Power off
    2. Power on holding the hard X key.
    3. Create a nandroid backup.
    4. Wipe data and cache at least 3 times.
    5. Install rom from SD card.
    6. Enjoy.
    7. Thank Blackdroid.
    8. Go vegan.
  11. Punz203

    Punz203 Active Member

    Tried to boot in recovery but it doesn't allow me to. That was my second try after rom manager didn't work. And I don't really like using Rs lite or what ever its called.
  12. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Got my LEDs to work.

    Meat eaters don't need to wipe any partitions! :cool:
  13. empyreandance

    empyreandance Well-Known Member

    What happens when you try to boot into recovery? Make sure you're holding the X key *before* you press the power button. Then go vegan. It'll make your droid dual core.
  14. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Punz, you may have lost recovery. If x+power doesn't put you into recovery, then:

    • Boot up normally
    • Go into ROM Manager
    • Flash ClockworkMod Recovery
    • Go down and flash "Alternate Recovery" (SPRecovery)
    • Flash ClockworkMod Recovery AGAIN.
    Once that is finished, turn the phone off and try accessing recovery via x+power. Should work this time.
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  15. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!! VIP Member

    This is not an "issue" as it is a feature of ADW.Launcher. I don't like ADW and instead use LauncherPro.

    I know that the last few builds have caused the LED to either blink too fast or too slow for most people. I just let mine blink too slow and never had a big problem with it.

    This build seems to have corrected my LED issue. It blinks normally now.

    Go to Settings>UD Settings>User Interface>LED Notifications to set the ROM settings for your LED.

  16. androidlover14

    androidlover14 Well-Known Member

    like kratos said blinking too slow is not a problem. And led notifications has always worked for me but now its a little slow but who cares:p. I had two problemos with this rom. The stock kernel was just a little bit past the occasional lag and it was getting a little annoying and the jetpack feature is a dud. lol
  17. Poloki

    Poloki Well-Known Member Contributor

    So far, no problems. I like this ROM. Flashed over UD2.4 with no wipe, no problem. My LED's retained their settings from UD2.4 (which carried over from UD2.3). So far running stock 800 kernel and seems pretty good; may try 1ghz slayher or just go back to my ever faithful Chevy 1.0.

    The only annoyances are the two lockscreen items (UD banner and Emergency calls only), but neither affect the performance. I flashed the stock Gingerbread keyboard, because UD's although nice is difficult to read on my phone with the red lettering.
  18. prophetiko

    prophetiko New Member

    Anyone know the baseband/kernal version of the 2.5 update? I cant tell if my install from 2.4 to 2.5 was sucessfull..

  19. macktns

    macktns Well-Known Member

    sweet! will download when i get home, think i will try installing without wipe for first time and see how it goes...
  20. Punz203

    Punz203 Active Member

    Your the fkn man.... thx it worked and this UD is pretty sweet... no problems on my end yet.
  21. y2thrasher

    y2thrasher Active Member

    Just go to Settings > UD Settings and scroll all the way to the bottom. It will tell you what version of UD you are running. You can also check About Phone and it should be 2.2.1 FRG83D
  22. krouget

    krouget Well-Known Member

    Great ROM, as usual. Everything carried over from the previous version, as expected.

    My main (but non-critical), issue was the stock kernel, which seemed to really dislike my Droid, sending the battery life into the dirt. Switching to my go-to kernel alleviated things, and now it's golden.

    Other than that, I still get the wallpaper change issue, where the lock-screen displays the stock wallpaper, forcing a reboot to change it. Unfortunately, rebooting also causes FB to forget its sync settings, and releases Swype as the default keyboard. A fix for these three would be ideal, but otherwise, it's another excellent release.
  23. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!! VIP Member

    Do you have Swype on your SD card? I used to have that issue and Swype was on my SD. When I moved it back to my phone, it worked normally.

    Not sure about the facebook thing as I have never experienced it.

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  24. linuxmel

    linuxmel Well-Known Member

    What kernel do you go back to?
  25. linuxmel

    linuxmel Well-Known Member

    Are there any themes that can be used with UD2.5?

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