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S4 in the carSupport

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  1. James Blonde

    James Blonde Active Member

    I'm wondering how you guys are managing your S4 in the car. I've got 2 main problems...

    1. Trivial probably, but this is the first phone I've had with the audio socket at the top, rather than next to the micro USB on the bottom. Therefore, when in the car cradle, rather than reasonably tidily coming out of the bottom and disappearing behind the steering wheel, the cables are all over the place and running over the instrument panel, whether in portrait or landscape. The audio sticking messily out the top looks awful! Anyone got a neater solution, or a dock that manages this??

    2. I want my phone to automatically detect when I plug it into the car charger, switch off the screen timeout, switch on the GPS, set the volume to max and enable speakerphone. Can the S4 do this? By default?

    My old phone (Desire HD) did this by default, whereas from what I've gathered, I seem to have to manually switch on Driving mode, which starts S Voice Drive voice recognition by default, which I don't want and have heard is rubbish in the car, especially with music playing (which is generally why I use the phone in the car). I also wouldn't want stuff read out by the phone (badly), especially with other people in the car with me!

    Maybe I'll explore some of these features later, but right now, I just want my new phone to be able to do what my old phone did by default.

    Or should I just install Tasker and set a power state screen time out and volume change?

  2. Screech

    Screech Well-Known Member Contributor

    I can't answer all of them. But for use in my car I use Sony's Smart Connect app to run some task (disable wifi, enable mobile hotspot, max media volume, start playing music, start Torque Pro) when the BT connection to the headunit is detected. For the screen to not dim while charging I use the option in the developers menu. I have phone audio routed to my BT in the headunit so I don't know about the speaker phone option.

    When I'm stopping and the phone disconnects from the car's headunit I have tasks more task run (disable wifi hot spot, enable wifi)

    The Smart Connect app supports more task than I'm using it for in my car.
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  3. James Blonde

    James Blonde Active Member

    Thanks Screech! :)

    But urgh, I was hoping I was just missing something obvious and it would do it automatically if I just did something differently!

    I wonder if this is a deal breaker for me... :confused:

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