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  1. Entanglement

    Entanglement New Member

    Hi i recently bought Pop and i want to connect to my home wifi router using my device. Can you tell me the procedure?
    Pop is running on Froyo and i tired to connect to the router by assigning the SSID name! It is displaying that it is connected but it is not able to open net in the browser!

    Tell me the procedure for connecting to my wifi! Is there any channel needed?

  2. sourav.x1

    sourav.x1 New Member

    Check the "Link Lock " and press help it will direct you to setup the system,even i had the same problem at first but now its all fixed and i enjoy superfast internet on my Loooo-battery galaxy pop... Hehehe.....Enjoy

  3. Rexdroid

    Rexdroid New Member

    Hey i am having the same problem with samsung galaxy pop, i am connected to wifi but not able to use the internet at all what might be the problem, and i just wanna know what i link lock

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