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  1. MSPreacher

    MSPreacher Well-Known Member

    So I downloaded the latest OTA update last night, and it installed just fine (phone worked fine, etc). I went to bed later last night, then when I woke up this morning, I got a "SD Card blank or has unsupported file system" message!

    The first message I got was actually something a bit different. Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly what it was, but I clicked on the notification and it tried to do something with the SD Card (probably remount it or something), and ever since I've been getting the "SD Card blank or has unsupported file system" thing.

    Now my only option given when I click on this notification is to format the SD Card. This is really annoying; I don't want to format my card and lose all the data! Are there any 'fixes' for this? I noticed a lot of people had this problem with the original HTC Desire.

    P.S. I haven't rooted my phone or anything like that, so that wouldn't be an issue.

    Edit: I tried all the usual stuff such as rebooting, taking the battery out, reseating the mem card, etc, numerous times to no avail. I got so tired of it that I just tried the format option, but it won't even let me format it! It just does nothing after I click it.

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  2. dasanman69

    dasanman69 Well-Known Member

    I was able to recover from a Damaged SD card msg by taking out the card and plugging it into a computer using an adapter. I copied the files onto my PC, reinserted the card into the phone, reformatted it, plugged it back into the computer and copied the files back on it. It worked great and hopefully you can do likewise to correct your problem. It takes a long time to rewrite the files onto the SD card and to avoid any problems copy the files a few at a time, DO NOT move them. Any problem with the transfer and you'll lose the data on PC and SD card.
    How are you reformatting? At first it wouldn't do anything but I was able to do it by going to the SD card option in settings.
  3. chapperz

    chapperz Member

    Also had this same issue since downloading the latest update. Phone keeps telling me to insert SD card although its in there already. Hopefully I'll be able to copy the files onto my computer using the above method.
  4. derarne

    derarne New Member


    I have the same problem..

    The phone cant find my sd-card after the last update..

    Tried everything I know including the stuff mentioned above.
    I also tried to stick the card in a usbreader in my computer but the computer cant find it either..

    A phone update cant destroy a memorycard can it!?

    I also mailed htc about this.. but no answer so far.
  5. tommym92

    tommym92 Member

    I mailed them with this problem and got this response, I don't really want to lose all my files...

  6. chapperz

    chapperz Member

    I've just done a hard reset as my phone is quite new, so not too many files too lose. It didn't work, phone still doesn't recognise card.

    Should I be calling my network or HTC for a replacement SD card?
  7. chapperz

    chapperz Member

    Just spoke to HTC today, they are getting me a new SD card sent out and are escalating the problem to try and get someone on the case, should have a call back next week sometime.
  8. Exasperated

    Exasperated Active Member

    I got the over the air update on Xmas eve and have been plagued by problems ever since. Fist my text messages muddled senders and said some were from Facebook contacts that hadn't sent them, then it stopped recognising the SD card. SD card not recognised by computer either so I can't rescue my photos. People here seem to have tried reboot and taking card out and in again, battery out and complete factory reset. Has ANYONE got their SD card working again after a factory reset?

    Does anyone know if it's the SD card that's now knackered by the update/phone or is it a bugg. Or is the phone now faulty?? What do we do?? I've only had this phone 6 weeks but it's too late for an exchange. I'm really regretting sending my Iphone back and opting for the Desire HD instead now.
  9. PrideLeader

    PrideLeader Active Member

    My images had a little icon that basicaslly meant they were unable to open. I restarted the ;hone and got the images back. I do agree that texting functions have gone belly up. Mine deleted all my texts a few days ago. All of them.
  10. ccc2nd

    ccc2nd Member

    I have phoned my network and they have offered to replace the handset. Will post an update once i have it and report on what firmware is on it.
    Just put my phone into the first few stages to reset but chose recovery instead> I;m gonna play around and see if I can get it mount the sd and recover the pictures again...
    I'll let you know how i get on...
  11. Exasperated

    Exasperated Active Member

    How long had you had your phone? Also , just to let everyone know who has the same SD card problem, a new SD card works ok in the phone, so it seems to be just the SD card that either fried by the update or by the phone itself - or a faulty SD card (don't think it's that - too close to the update to be unrelated). Still have text message issues tho.
  12. ccc2nd

    ccc2nd Member


    I had the phone since 29 Oct. Hard reset did nothing, same firmware, sd card still fried.

    Formatting the sd in another phone didn't work. Left it overnight but it just hung.

    Have received a new phone from orange this morning. Refused to replace the sd card as its an 'accessory'. Tried to explain that its integral to the phone but only managed to get a
  13. ccc2nd

    ccc2nd Member

    Oh and to confirm, different sd card worked on the old / OTA updated phoned.
    I am wondering if the updated fried the sd card but maxing out the storage and overwriting other files to compensate / not brick the phone. If this was the case then the sd partition would go belly up and result it the card not functioning. Can anyone else confirm that there sd might have been near full when OTA updating? If so, sounds like someone dropped the ball at htc and forgot to check the sd card free space prior to commencing to download and install the ota update...jsut a thought.
  14. ccc2nd

    ccc2nd Member

    Last but not least forgot to mention...

    The branded firmware is reporting as:

    android version 2.2

    software version (not anywhere near ...405.3 and must be an orange-only v number)
  15. MSPreacher

    MSPreacher Well-Known Member

    Still waiting to hear back from HTC... hopefully they will be sending me a replacement card soon, as they said that it shouldn't be a problem.
  16. Exasperated

    Exasperated Active Member

    My SD card was nowhere near full, so it couldn't have been that for mine. A new SD card works fine in the phone, without a factory reset. Old SD card (on recovery software) can't be restored but the recovery software can see all my files on the SD but says unable to restore them as SD card corrupted.
    My phone unbranded from Carphone Warehouse who say this is down to HTC so my redress should be from them direct. Not sure how to go about getting another SD card from them....any ideas anyone .....number to call???
  17. MSPreacher

    MSPreacher Well-Known Member

    Got off the phone with a HTC rep a few hours ago. HTC will be sending me a new SD Card tomorrow, and have escalated this problem as well as that of the text messages up to the engineering department.

    Try contacting through here first:

    HTC - Support - Customer Service - Support via e-Mail

    Make sure you inform them that other SD cards work fine with your phone, and that the SD card is unreadable in other readers too. That way they know it's not your phone.
  18. springy

    springy Well-Known Member

    Edit: deleted post. Sorry
  19. chrisblindin

    chrisblindin New Member

    Hi All,

    I also have this issue of a dead SD Card after the Dec update. First noticed a few days ago when I wanted to use the camera but thought nothing of it..... since been checking and the card is absolutely dead. It will not read on any PC on a number of different adaptors, plug in a new card and the phone works. I cannot even access the card via some sophisticated data recovery software I own, it is very dead!!!

    Having owned many memory cards of different types over the years I have never had one die in this way, always been able to scrape raw data from the card even though the format is corrupt.

    Have emailed HTC but it is a worry if it happens again, had it backed up so no real stress but bad updates and screwed OS was my reason for ditching the iPhone.
  20. Gpsb1

    Gpsb1 New Member

    Same problem as all of you! Really annoyed as i am falling in love with this handset!
    Its easy to get another sd card for a few quids, but its not the point.
    HTC need to fix this, before it destroys another sd card on the next update!!!

    If anyone hears back from HTC with a solution to revive the card or anything sensible!! please post.

    ive lost images, videos and even f***ing apps!!

    i wonder if next time, you need to keep the SD card in for a system update? does the process rely on the sd card memory?
    i am talking in terms of taking a precaution of saving a sd card for the next update we may get!
  21. Exasperated

    Exasperated Active Member

    I have read somewhere that it's a good idea to keep your sd card out or unmount it via the software for updates, but that it shouldn't be necessary. It's certainly not what we've been advised to do by HTC/phone istructions. From what I've researched since mine fried, this happened about 10 months ago with a Desire or HTC HD software. Defiinitely worried another will go sometime!
    HTC have acknowledged there was a problem with this update and are sending me a new SD card and are looking at fixes for the buggy issues with texts/sync/HTC Sense etc.
  22. tvj

    tvj Member


    Same problem, logged a ticket with HTC and they escalated the problem and had a call from HTC support service today and was given 2 options
    1. They can replace the SD card
    2. Requested to mail the phone and corrupted SD card back to HTC.(HTC will arrange pickup). They would check the problem fix, update the software and get e new SD card. This whole process would take 7 working days. They would also try if they could recover the data, which I am not sure!

    I have opted for the second option!!. Guys please let me know if this is advisable to mail the phone back to them.

    But overall the response from HTC has been quick and positive
  23. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    Just thought I'd ask as I put in a 32GB card on Xmas day (good ol' Santa!). I'm pretty certain I did the upgrade whilst the standard SD card ws installed a couple of days before Xmas. All seemed fine. Then I swapped them out and loaded shedloads of music on the bigger card etc. No problems to now but thought I'd ask what is likely to happen? Is it likely to mullah the new card or is it just the card that's in the DHD at upgrade time?


  24. skulltaker

    skulltaker New Member

    I think that this may of happened to me, and was wondering if i list the problems would you be able to tell me if this is the same problems you had. Firstly i lost all my pictures and stored podcasts, then i was trying to take a picture today and i got an error message saying: Unable to save file to SD, due to insufficient file permissions. Would this be the same thing you guys are talking about?

    I have only had my phone for about six weeks so i cant return it. Did changing the SD card work?

    Thanks for your replies in advance.
  25. Exasperated

    Exasperated Active Member

    Hi - to Skulltalker - The error message sounds a little different to what I think most of us have experienced. If a new SD card works, then it would appear it is the same problem as a new sd card worked for most of us regarding the memory issues. Problems with texts and notifications haven't been sorted yet, nor the problems with HTC sync and sense, I don't think.

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