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  1. scrasun

    scrasun New Member


    I've just bought a Samsung i5500, but have discovered a problem. In google sky maps, rotating the phone only lets me move up and down, but not sideways. Also, the 'smart compass' app says that the magnetic field is too high and seems to point in a random direction. I have tried to calibrate the magnetic sensor by rotating the phone and moving it in a figure of 8, but this doesn't work. However, when I type '*#1*#' and go to the sensor test, the line seems to point north ok, but there is some text saying 'Need for calibration 0'.

    Does anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Also, should there not be a forum for the i5500?

  2. nailuii

    nailuii New Member

    Myself and a friend who also has the Galaxy 550 (Europa, GT-I5500) also have the same sensor problem. I searched around but found very little information on the topic, it would be nice to know if this is a general design issue or a specific handset defect.
  3. myzsot

    myzsot New Member

    My problem is a bit different. I'm getting the message "Need calibration 0" in the *#0*# menu. It seems that points to north but east and west are in the opposite site. Weird. I read the you can calibrate with adb, I don't know exactly what does it means(maybe it's a tool or program). I'll keep searching...
  4. rpd

    rpd New Member

    I also have GT-I5500 and I also have the sensor problem. I installed 4, 5 compass applications from google market and all work faulty. When I turn the phone on left the compass needle does not stays steady pointing north, is also turns on left. So in 180 (not 360) degree left turn of the phone the compass needle shows the north again. Works the same in the sensor test app from *#0*# menu.
    I was with the phone in service and they change the mainboard entirely. Unfortunately the problem persisted.
    Then I remember about the Samsung Apps (the google market replacement) and I searched for compass app there. The only app that I found in search results was TiltAngle which I installed. And voila! Is seems that this application is the only one on the market that it is working for GT-I5500 devices.
    This does not solve the problem entirely, because the problem seems to be from the compass driver in the linux kernel installed on the device (, but at least you can use the phone compass properly.
    Hope this helps.
  5. webzy

    webzy Member

    by the way myzsot adb is a android developer program which is with eclipse a program for developing android. without much training and knowledge of javascript or developing tbh you have absolutly no chance of useing it to fix the problem ur best bet is to find a local fone repair shop whos owner or person workin on desk nows how to use adb/sdk manager and see if they will try and fix the problem for u. hope this helped.
  6. webzy

    webzy Member

    oh and i think this censor problem is there on most if not all galaxy 5 devices and as far as i no there is no other solution appart from reprograming thru adb.

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