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  1. michellescott

    michellescott New Member

    since yesterdayI have not been able to access my market, I can get on the internet though. It gives me the message server error. I have done resets, and wason the phone for 3hrs yesterday regarding this and have got no where, i have also cleared the cache....nothing is working...They say that i need a new phone, i justgot thisone 1month ago...Any suggestions>:confused:

  2. macavely

    macavely Well-Known Member

    Call -T-mo... I had this problem when I first got my phone.. but it was due to them having my plan on as a smart phone and not as the Android phone...

    I also get that message when the wifi signal is to weak... so I have to switch back to 3G...

    If this doesn't work for you . just have have them send you a new phone...
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  3. Iliketrains

    Iliketrains Well-Known Member

    Root. I had market problems till i did.
    Just shows the care that went into the development of the software..

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