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Sprint Radio Mix Shows Not Playing -HELP!!!Support (Browse All)

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  1. RickyRudy

    RickyRudy Active Member This Topic's Starter

    May 13, 2010
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    I have two Evos in my house. I was having trouble accessing Sprint TV on both of them after porting over my two phone numbers from another carrier. Ultimately, this problem went away after I updated the profile on the phone. Now what I still can not do is play the DJ Mix Shows on Sprint Radio. The regular radio stations seem to work but not the mix shows. I just get a blank screen when I try to play a mix show. Anybody has any ideas?

    Note, I already talked with Sprint tech support on the first issue and they weren't much helpful. I ended up figuring it out myself. I need help with the mix shows though.

    Thanks in advance.


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