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  1. JadedKitty

    JadedKitty New Member

    So, Here it goes...
    Two days ago I stopped receiving incoming text messages for no apparent reason.
    I've pulled the battery, pulled the sim..
    I'm on ATT, so I called them.. they told me to update the OS with Kies Manager, however Kies Manager does not support the Captivate.. They checked the "network/signal" whateverthehell and said that yes it was functioning right going out, but for some reason receiving no text signal coming in. (firmware 2.2 at the moment because I have no solution to the no kies problem).. They also tried sending me "test texts" and having me text myself, none of which came through. I can't get the texts messages from any network... And I can send out texts to them all and they get them.

    Now, everything else on my phone works... I haven't downloaded any new apps that could have caused the problem either... IDK if any of my older apps could.
    But my WordsWithFriends, Kik Messanger, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and K-9 email apps work fine, so does amazon and playstore....

    wth is wrong with my phone :( cas I can't afford a new one.
    help please!

    (sidenote: Im attempting factory reset next after I backup all data/contacts/etc)

  2. JadedKitty

    JadedKitty New Member

    factory reset work.. but it's as always a sucky solution
  3. averagejo

    averagejo New Member

    My husband and I both have the Captivate. His phone has been doing this for months. I googled a solution on the internet and it said to trade our sim cards for a few seconds and then switch them back. Somehow this jumpstarts his texts to come in again. My phone just started doing this recently.

    I don't know what you would do since you only have one phone. Our local store has no clue either. It's bad when one of us is at work or out of town and we have to wait to switch the sim cards until a day or two later. All of the messages seem to all come in again but it is still ridiculous!
  4. averagejo

    averagejo New Member

    Still having this issue with both my husband's and my phone. I was out of town this week and both of our phones stopped receiving texts (at different times). I went to an AT&T store where I was at and they tried a bunch of things. When they switched out my sim card with another samsung phone at the store, incoming texts were working. When they put my sim card back in, I received all the text messages that were sent previously but not any new ones that got sent. So it can't be a phone issue. However, I received text messages from one of my friends that has Nextel. That was the only message I have received all week. I need to go back to my local provider when I get home tomorrow and try again.
  5. spagman72

    spagman72 Well-Known Member

    You can have at&t try and send a reset "hit", to the phones... It's like a refresh... Had to do it to my phone once.

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