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  1. Bucata206

    Bucata206 Member

    So I ride motorcycles and with that I have a Bluetooth headset for my helmet. With my iPhone I could hit the button on my helmet and it would open up SIRI on the lock screen so I could make or answer phone calls, listen to text messages and reply verbally.

    When I got my galaxy, I paired the phone with my helmet. I have tried to get Svoice to open by pushing the button and use voice commands but I can't get it to work. When I unlock my phone svoice with be pulled up, but I can't get it to work unless I unlock the phone. Anyone know of I can get it to work with my phone locked?

  2. Bucata206

    Bucata206 Member

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get it to open Svoice with the screen locked?
  3. ajmcn

    ajmcn New Member

    I use an lg tone pro bluetooth and s voice. I tap the bottom button, say "call x, y, z" and it opens with the screen locked. I have also used the LG Tome Pro on a bike and it worked well.
  4. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    I ride a Goldwing, and adding helmet communications is on my bucket list, so I thought to try and help you out.

    Well, I found out 3 things about S Voice.

    #1 if the screen is locked, it ignores me. I hear a beep in my BT headset.

    #2 you must have an active internet connection, via WiFi or DATA
    My phone does not when asleep, and it displayed "no connection", so for me, it is totally useless from a locked screen anyway. When my screen is locked, so is the internet. I temporarily turned off MacroDroid so the internet stays on. Did not help a bit, the screen is locked no S voice, just a beep.

    #3 when I did a search in Settings for 'S', one of the things that turned up was "Erase S Voice data" and small print says "Erase the data you have stored on the server". So, this leads back to my #2. No internet connection, no S Voice or "Google Voice Search" for that matter from a BT headset.

    This is on a Galaxy S5... to me, this is down right stupid. I have a Galaxy S which is 4+ years old, still registered and working. And when BT is hooked up, it responds to my BT key-press and asks me what I want to do.

    On my Sg S5, all it does is beep and display the "screen unlock pattern" .
    Totally irresponsible of Samsung to have done that on the S5.

    I unlocked the screen and touched the BT button.
    It ignores all audio from the BT headset, will not respond to me at all.

    When the S Voice screen came up,, I hit the 3 dots menu and tried to see what is there. a bunch of useless legalese written by lawyers, and a "when you accept" phrase but no "Accept button" at the bottom of the legalese.

    As it stands right now, unless someone knows a way to over-ride the locked screen problem, S Voice when the phone is asleep is as useless as a brick in the board room. Um, maybe the brick in the board room might be more useful, I could throw it at the damn guy who locked S Voice.
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  5. Bucata206

    Bucata206 Member

    Ya I still haven't figured it out and it's really annoying. My data is still active with my screen locked because my phone can update a d get notifications but still no Svoice. On my work phone, when I have it connected to the Bluetooth system in my car it will stay unlocked until the connection is disconnected (car turns off). I wish it could be that way with the Galaxy so it MAY work with a Bluetooth headset. But I'm not getting my hopes up any.
  6. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    FWIW, when I am talking to my trucker buddy, we gab on about whatever turns our crank for hours on end... things like cellphone users turning short in front of him and almost getting run over.... :(

    To the point, when I try to access the phone, it depends on whether I unlocked it to call him, or whether I just answered him on the BT while it was locked. However it started, is how it seems to end up.

    So, maybe on your car, try having the phone unlocked before it pairs up with the car's BT... please report back how that works for you.
  7. Bucata206

    Bucata206 Member

    So I got it to work. Only issue is you have to set your "screen lock" to none.
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