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Syncing Contacts with Yahoo /Linked In/ SKype etc

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  1. guygamps

    guygamps New Member


    One feature of modern smartphoines I like is syncing your contacts, in my case I maintain different contact lists on line, maine ones being Yahoo, Skype, and Google Mail

    I have had a big problem with two HTC phones (both running Android 2 in some capcity, currently an XE Sensation (beats) running Android 2.3.4 , and HTC Sense V3.0

    Since my two HTCs are the only Android phones I have owned, I do not know if this is a generic Android problem, simply a Android version problem, an HTC problem or what.

    After I sign to my account first time, e,g, Yahoo, Linked In, Skype, I get notification that new contacts are detected, and I go through process of linking them, most links are automatically detected but plenty need a bit of manual checking

    Problem is this: every time I sign out of any of those services the links are lost and next time I sign in again I get the same message, every time.

    this happens for SKype contacts, for Linked In contacts, I think for FB contacts.

    On my HP Palm Pre 3, once the accounts are set up once, the linking is done, you never have to relink the same contacts again.

    It is really frustraing me, I regulary have to re link about 400 contacts.

    I am getting a new phone now, maybe Android again, maybe HTC, or Samsung, and I need to know will I have this same problem.

    So is it an Android version problem? an HTC problem? what?



  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    The links are getting removed if you sign out of the app for security,it was designed to be that way.

    Although i must admit,why do you even bother signing out on your own device.
  3. guygamps

    guygamps New Member

    Leaving yourself signed in to Skype drains the battery, but my Skype contact list contains many phone numbers too, so they are handy in the contact list
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Personally i have never synced skype because i see no need to, i never go into my contacts list and choose skype as an option, i just open up skype, so i really see no need to sync those.

    And i would just stay signed in to yahoo, and such, it's weird that it removes those contacts from the list, you would think in your contact settings under accounts it would just keep the yahoo contacts in there unless you unchecked it, or unless you keep adding new contacts on yahoo everyday haha.
  5. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    No it doesn't drain the battery more noticeably than if you do not have it on. There is a setting in Skype where it can go offline immediately after leaving the app, to reduce the battery usage further. So you can stay signed it but the app is offline and thus using very minimal battery.

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