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  1. canoo

    canoo New Member


    I have a Canadian (Rogers) T589R "Galaxy Q". I know it is basically identical to the American (T-Mobile) T589 "Gravity Smart" except for a different radio (T-Mobile = AWS, Rogers = GSM). The digitizer on my T589R is cracked and I can't seem to find any replacement parts for it. I've found lots of digitizers for the T589 though.

    I was hoping on the off chance that someone here might know whether or not these digitizers are interchangeable? (fingers crossed)


  2. gblues

    gblues Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure, but I'll compare the configuration files for the kernels for each phone and see if they're set up with the same digitizer or not. That should be as good a method as any to find out. :)
  3. gblues

    gblues Well-Known Member

    Well, good news--the T589 and T589R both use the same digitizer driver, which means the actual screen is probably identical between the two. I think you should be pretty safe using the T589 part with the T589R. Keep in mind that there's no accounting for actual physical differences between the two circuitboards, so YMMV.

    TL;DR: as long as the part physically fits, it should work like a champ.

    Good luck!
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  4. canoo

    canoo New Member

    Thanks so much! The part is only $20 so not a huge loss if it wont fit. Worth a shot though!

    I will post back here once I've tried it for future reference if anyone else google's the same thing.


    PS: This is the disassembly video I'm planning to work off of if anyones curious:
    Samsung T589 / Galaxy Q / Gravity Rebuild - YouTube
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  5. molinet

    molinet New Member

    Hi Canoo,
    I have your same problem, my T589R display is broken, I found in Ebay (USA) the display for T589, but I'not sure if this work in T589. Question, Finally you bought this display for your phone? Thanks!!

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