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The dreaded "Inconsistent UID" bug!!

  1. plnelson

    plnelson Well-Known Member

    My Droid Incredible (stock, not rooted, 2.3.4) has been flaky the last few days - crashing, rebooting - and this morning I got the dreaded

    "UID's on the system are inconsistent. You need to wipe your data partition or your device will be unstable"

    plus a button that says

    "I'm feeling Lucky

    Googling this gets over 157,000 hits and on every model and maker you can think of. Most of them seem to end in resetting to factory defaults, so I did that. Now I have to reconfigure my whole phone although I don't know if I'll bother because I'm getting a new phone anyway.

    But WHAT IS THIS? What caused it and how do I prevent it?

    I've been Googling for over an hour and I have no clue. Some people think it's malware but I haven't loaded any new apps in months. Does anyone have any idea?

    Thanks in advance.


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