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Touchscreen doesn't work after FCSupport

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  1. CosmicJelly

    CosmicJelly Member

    For some reason, this phone just has so many problems.. I know it's new and whatnot but wow it has a LOT of problems.

    So I recently ran into this one, and it seems to happen only after the update. Whenever an app force closes, my screen freezes up, turns black/goes to lockscreen and then my touchscreen doesn't work! All the other buttons do, but this is really annoying having to reset it all the time.

    Does this happen to anyone else? Is it just my phone?

  2. I had same problem too.. that was the low memory problem.. Samsung or Tmobile will need to fix the bugs of the system sidekick 4g... make sure back up all of your data because you could be everything lost and wont be recovery back again..

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