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  1. sjvirchow

    sjvirchow Well-Known Member

    Once I flashed the Kernel, Recovery, and System that all together took about 10 minutes. Remember to do them one by one. Put the .ops file in the OPS box, and use the One Package box, and just flash them one by one. Doesn't matter what order.

    My WiFi works just fine, I'm surprised nobody's else is. Maybe my method of updating?

    Recovery won't apply it unless it's specifically called update.zip. From what I've seen online.

  2. powerkane

    powerkane Well-Known Member

    noob question but how did you apply the update is it like vol up and power or what?
  3. sjvirchow

    sjvirchow Well-Known Member

    Pwr+Vol Down. Apply update.zip from SD card, select the update. Do this at your own risk, I'm not liable if you brick your phone remember.
  4. sjvirchow

    sjvirchow Well-Known Member

  5. powerkane

    powerkane Well-Known Member

    ha...*nervous face* there is a way to unbrick right?
  6. sjvirchow

    sjvirchow Well-Known Member

    Yes, but it's pretty messy.
  7. powerkane

    powerkane Well-Known Member

    lol ill just wait till a week or two passes when all the bugs are worked out xD
  8. sjvirchow

    sjvirchow Well-Known Member

    Haha I don't blame you, I almost didn't do the update myself, I was VERY scared when my phone rebooted to a blank black screen. I can't believe I pulled the battery out, by that point I said to myself "OH CRAP I JUST BRICKED MY PHONE!"

    Good call, Better safe than sorry in my book.
  9. interdpth

    interdpth Well-Known Member

    I am finally on 2.3.6. Was a complete pain in the arse. Tomorrow night I will release a safe script to update you root users! :) Sorry for the wait, will be worth it
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  10. panaphobic

    panaphobic Member

    no problem man. quick question though, if we updated our phone manually and it's back to stock settings and running 2.3.6, would the update you're releasing tomorrow work and override the stock update and allow us to have root and CWM?
  11. LesB

    LesB Well-Known Member

    Take your time it comes when it comes.

    I really appreciate all the hard work you do for this phone. If it wasn't for you and all the other devs on this phone I would have probably dumped it by now.

    Keep up the good work!
  12. interdpth

    interdpth Well-Known Member

    Wi-Fi works
    no cIQ
    Dragging works fine

    I have some stuff to take care of after work tomorrow, then we should be able to get an odin package out and an update.zip for cwm.

    Testers will be wanted in #transform-ultra on irc.irondust.net
  13. sjvirchow

    sjvirchow Well-Known Member

    Also found there are new Live Wallpapers, and some of the older ones were removed. I love the newer ones.
  14. powerkane

    powerkane Well-Known Member

    noticed that too i was having difficulties so i wnt back to stock like my wifi and some other things +the lack of non rooted
  15. panaphobic

    panaphobic Member

    Well I used Odin to restore it back to stock, then updated it manually. Almost had a heart attack cause it hung at 20% for about 2 minutes!

    For anyone wanting to do this update manually, its pretty easy.

    Only do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for bricking your phone!

    1. Download Odin ***Note: you may need to rename the odin file to .exe cuz the host site tends to rename it with a .bin***

    2. Download these 4 files:

    Transform Ultra Odin OPS
    Stock Recovery
    Stock Kernel
    Stock System

    3. Once downloaded, run Odin and then put your phone in "download mode" by turning off your phone, waiting 30 seconds for it to completely shut down, and then by pressing and holding the camera button + volume down + power until it restarts into download mode. Press volume up to continue. Connect your phone to your computer.

    ***It should automatically update the drivers for your phone, if not you will need to manually locate the drivers online and install them. My computer did this for me automatically***

    4. Once your phone is connected, and Odin is up and running you should see in the upper left side of Odin that it says "COM: #" and that's how you know it's connected. If that's not there, you didn't install the drivers properly.

    5. Under the COM ports section, make sure that you have checked "One Package" "Reboot" & "Protect OPS" and nothing else and "Debug only" in UNCHECKED!

    6. Then click "OPS" and select the Transform Ultra Odin OPS file you downloaded

    7. Then click "One Package" on the bottom of the window and select one of the other 3 files you downloaded (recovery, kernel, or system). *Note: the system file is in a zip file, just unzip it and use the file inside for the system file*

    8. Once it has finished uploading a file, it will reboot. Just power down your phone. Close out Odin and reopen it for each file you flash if it doesn't say "PASSED" above the COM Port you are using after you power down your phone.

    9. Repeat steps 3-8 to reflash the recovery, kernel, and system images to your phone.


    ***You will now be back to stock version 2.3.4***

    10. Once these have been done, download the original file in the first post by interdpth.

    11. Rename the file to "update.zip" and place it on the root folder on your sd card (root meaning the base location on your sd card "sdcard/update.zip")

    12. Power down your phone, wait 30 seconds, reboot into recovery mode by pressing and holding volume down + power and then releasing only the power button once it says "Samsung" on the screen. Connect your phone to your wall charger!

    13. Using the volume up/down keys, highlight "apply update from /sdcard"

    14. Press the power button to select it.

    15. Allow the phone to update, it might hang at 20% for a while and then when it's done, it will reboot itself!

    Once it reboots, let it sit for another minute and a pop up will appear saying "finalizing update" and then it will pop up saying "update complete" and you will be running 2.3.6 on your Transform Ultra!

    You will notice some slight changes like the "Boost Zone" app and different live wallpapers, along the phone and ID buttons changing color. The touch screen works MUCH better and there are no more CIQ's on the phone.

    Anyways, I hope this helps you all who don't want to wait for interdpth to get it working with root and CWM, although he should have it up and running tomorrow evening. I know a lot of you are impatient, like me.

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  16. interdpth

    interdpth Well-Known Member

    and you won't have root.
    Unless you wait for me :)
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  17. powerkane

    powerkane Well-Known Member

    unless by some rare chance it glitch and you kept root i had that happen once on the prevail
  18. CellBlock420

    CellBlock420 Well-Known Member

    I believe I will wait for interdpth. Even with panaphobics greatly detailed instructions, I don't feel confident enough about this to go fooling around in my phone's guts.
    Waiting Patiently
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  19. jdogrambo

    jdogrambo Well-Known Member Developer

    got it as well you have to apply in stock recovery
  20. DMajor239

    DMajor239 Well-Known Member

    Yea same here. I'll patiently wait.
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  21. interdpth

    interdpth Well-Known Member

    I just need to get off work, clean up my room and some other stuff then I'll get to work.

    My main worry right now is finding which partition contains the radio.

    It's so good, Wi-Fi is way better on the new update

    Once I find that partition, I can make odin files and scripts :)
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  22. jdogrambo

    jdogrambo Well-Known Member Developer

    i think im going to odin back to 2.3.4 and wait for for the pre-rooted 2.3.6 but not sure yet
  23. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    It would be better if you do that.
  24. DMajor239

    DMajor239 Well-Known Member

    Our prayers have finally been answered.
  25. cdaddy09

    cdaddy09 Member

    Thank you all for the amazing amount of work you do. I am still a noobie and love trying new things with these phones. I have not received an OTA update request yet, but prefer to use the updates you cool Devs come up with instead. So, do i run CWM on this zip or have you updated it since heading home from work?
    Thanks much.


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