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Unable to install skins from HTC HubSupport

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  1. Aero-Z

    Aero-Z Member


    I got myself a HTC Wildfire S. Now, I'm trying to install the Music Lover skin but it's bugged or something.
    I got the notification of the skin downloading and wait until it's done. After that HTC Hub still shows that the skin is downloading and it just sits there. If I try to open the completed skin download from notifications bar, it opens up the skin browser but it doesn't load the Music lover skin.

    Any ideas what's wrong?


  2. Aero-Z

    Aero-Z Member

    I'm the only one having problems with HTC Hub?
  3. Aero-Z

    Aero-Z Member

    Been trying to install skin(s) for about a week now and still the same story.
  4. sunnyhj

    sunnyhj Member

    I'm having the same problem also...i've tried installing every other skin available in htc hub but the same thing happens..i think its a server problem or something...i'm also not able to open the HTCSense site on my pc...it was working for a day or two..but now its not allowing me to login saying my user ID or password is wrong...it that happening with u also..??

    I've mailed a complain to the HTC customer care...lets see what will happen..
  5. Aero-Z

    Aero-Z Member

    Logging into htcsense.com is showing me that they're doing server maintenance at the moment.
  6. sunnyhj

    sunnyhj Member

    Mine here it shows nothing...just the usual log on screen..but when i try it say wrong ID or password...What is wrong with HTC..!!..how can they be doing maintenance work for this long..this is really starting to frustrate me..
  7. calumjh

    calumjh New Member

    Can please explain to me what is happening with this because it is really starting to frustrate me! Every time I click download it downloads it but when i try and open it it isn't there and it says it is still downloading but it never gets any further. And when i tap on the details button it always says cannot connect to server! Very annoying. Any help?
    (i'm sorry if you've already explained this its just i'm not sure if its something wrong with my device and if there is any way to fix it?)
  8. sunnyhj

    sunnyhj Member

    don't worry..there is nothing wrong with our phones..Problem is with HTCSense server and HTC for being so lazy to fix this problem..:mad:
  9. Aero-Z

    Aero-Z Member

    htcsense.com works for me but skins are still borked and have been borked for at least a week now.
  10. sunnyhj

    sunnyhj Member

    i got a reply from HTC customer support...this was there reply

    " we would like to inform you that all the skins after download can be view as following steps;

    Press Menu > Personalize > Skins HTC.

    and then scroll to view all the latest downloaded Skins on your device.

    If your issue does not resolve by this step please perform the soft reset on your device as mentioned below;

    Restarting your phone (soft reset):

    Simply turn off the device by pressing and holding the POWER button, then remove the battery, wait for a few seconds, reinsert the battery.

    Note: Please make sure that you are accessing through GPRS/3G internet "

    Pretty Lame really
  11. Hexx

    Hexx Well-Known Member

    Having to pull the battery is a pretty poor solution. Just a thought, but do you have fast boot enabled? If so, might be worth turning that off and then turning the phone off and on again.

  12. sunnyhj

    sunnyhj Member

    I've tried everything now...restarting(without fast boot on), using 3g/gprs, using wifi, removing battery...nothing seems to work :(
  13. sunnyhj

    sunnyhj Member

    I told this problem along with the HTCsense problem to HTC on facebook..and they replied with this :-
    Try deleting some apps you don't use anymore. It could be that your phone is running out of internal storage. As for HTCSense.com, we have had greater demand for the HTCsense.com services than we anticipated, as a result some o...f you are experiencing stability and reliability issues that are unacceptable. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused; please be assured that HTC treats this as a very important issue and we are working hard to improve the experience for everyone. We hope to have improvements to the service out in the very near future to help some of these issues and we will continue to communicate with all of you throughout the process. Thank you very much for your patience.
  14. Aero-Z

    Aero-Z Member

    I didn't get much smarter with HTC Customer Support. At first they told me to clear Internet and Market app cache. That didn't work.
    Then they told me to do factory reset but I'm not doing that.
    Did you do a factory reset or did you get it to work?
  15. sunnyhj

    sunnyhj Member

    Actually i did factory reset after backing up all my data...but to no avail...after talking 2-3 times over mail..the Customer service called me and told me to take my device to the nearest Service center...So I'll be going tomorrow for a proper check up of my device...i don't now whats wrong here...everything else for HTC Hub is downloading fine..but not skins..may be our software is corrupt or something..or may be there is something wrong with our SD cards..but I've tried 4 different cards..none of them are working
  16. Aero-Z

    Aero-Z Member

    Yeah, I did a factory reset too and the issue is still there. I also tried another SD card and it still didn't work. Everything else works in HTC Hub only skins are bugged.
  17. BackDaws

    BackDaws Active Member

    my girlfriends Wildfire S was doing the exact same thing but my wildfire S was downloading them and installing the skins fine at the exact same time, anyway she didnt do anything and a couple of weeks later it just worked. so for now just leave it and just check it every couple of days.
  18. sunnyhj

    sunnyhj Member

    GUYS..!!...IT WORKS NOW..!!

    those who are having this problem..follow these steps and it will work..100% :)

    1)first u need a file explorer..install it..
    2)go to sdcard and create a new folder and name it " .data " ( DOT is necessary )
    3)restart your phone (not shutdown with fast boot )
    4)now install any skin u like...when the download completes in notification go to the ".data " folder and install the skin from there as u install the app..
    5)Now check u'r skins and Voila its installed :)

    NJy guys..!!
  19. Aero-Z

    Aero-Z Member

    You don't even need to restart the phone.
    Thx for the solution!
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  20. calumjh

    calumjh New Member

    Which file explorer would you reccomend?
  21. Aero-Z

    Aero-Z Member

  22. yeah, it works! tnx guys
  23. alyssa_zahra

    alyssa_zahra New Member

    thanks,.mines workin now., i had to restart my phone.. :))
  24. Zero Gravity

    Zero Gravity New Member

    thanks buddy... it did fix the problem...
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  25. Radiofishlips

    Radiofishlips New Member

    lol i went through that procedure and now the next one i tried to dl went fine on its own ....

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